Maybe it’s a hermaphrodite?

Clonderry Farm and Stud

All the horses on the farm are National Hunt Thoroughbreds. this breed would be best known for its use in horse racing. they are considered to bo hot-blooded and very agile and fast animals. we have horses sired by Oscer and Binajwaad with dames of Traveling Lady and High Stepping.

The horses on this farm are not used for racing purposes but more for sports such as hunting. we have a brud mare, which is a mare that has already had a foal. this mare has raced before and her racing details can be seen in the racing details page or just click here.

We hope to crossbreed this mare in the upcoming months to an Irish Draft stalion as this would produce a lovely foal for sport hunting, with speed of the thoroughbred and strength of the irish Draft.

Oh. My. God.  Where to start?

I might be going out on a limb here, but I suspect that if they can’t grasp the relatively simple concept of capitalizing the first word of every sentence, the complexities of running a good breeding program are waaay beyond them.  Also concerning is the fact that their “brud mare” appears to be surprisingly male.  I’m really hoping they simply posted the wrong photo, because that creature should never, ever reproduce.

You know those kiddy pictures where they ask you to point out what’s wrong with the picture?  Well, in this case, they’d ask you to point out what’s RIGHT with the picture!
(The answer: the grass, it’s beautiful and lush and just everything you want to see in good quality grass.)

I want to believe that the picture is slightly compressed horizontally, since this is the first time I’ve ever seen a horse and thought it’s back was too short.  Seriously, where could you find a saddle that would not rest on it’s kidneys?  So in the name of fairness I present:

As you can see, this solves the back issue, but not much else!  It’s still tied in below the knee with a ridiculously upright shoulder, ewe neck and whole bunch of funky angles in the hind end.  (Ideally that red triangle would be an equilateral.  And as anyone with a 5th Grade education can tell you, that ain’t even close!)


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  1. I seem to keep getting the same things re-posted to my FB page… I think it’s going to be something new, but it ain’t! Any reason for this?

    • Hmm not sure! We post something new everyday first thing in the morning. Throughout the day we post quotes from previous posts and link to these for people who haven’t heard about the awesomeness that is Snarky Rider yet 😉 -maybe that’s what you’re seeing?

  2. Also, when I register (to make a comment, as I did here) does it only apply to the particular post I’m commenting on? I tried to LIKE something else just now and was told I was not recognized as a subscriber.

  3. That really is some lovely….grass. The end.

    I think you’re right about the horizontal compression, theres something about the top image that just isn’t right…aside from the fugly brud colt. 😉

    • It’d be a scary thought if we weren’t right about the compression, especially because that’d mean we were wrong about something (WHAT?! noooo, that’s not possible) 😉

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