The price is wrong Bob!

Kudos to anyone who gets the Happy Gilmore reference!

We’re going to do something a little different with today’s post.  This is for anyone who thinks that horse prices have little to no relation to reality!  Below are ads we found on and for six very comparable horses.  They are all either Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods, are around the same height (15.3-16.1h), the same age (7-10 y.o.) and are all jumping around 3′ in a safe, but not spectacular fashion.

What makes this interesting?  Just like on the Price is Right, you get to guess the price!  We won’t be giving away a car to the winner (sorry; we’re not made of money), but we will give you a couple hints.  No two horses are the same price and they’re all somewhere between $3,000 and $30,000.  If you think that’s an absurd range of prices for very similar horses, you’re not alone – so do we!

Leave your guesses in the comments section, and let the games begin!

Horse ABreed: Trakehner    Height: 16.1h    Age:10

!the sweetest horse you will ever meet, Shine
has an amazing auto lead change, stands for bath, farrier etc. loves trails she got 4th place out of 20 at the polo fields this year for her first show in a long time! she always wins hack and always makes her rider more and more confident each time she is currently doing low childrens but has done childrens hunter with a 13 year old she schools 3’6″ easily she is a very fancy mover

Horse B – Breed: TB    Height: 15.3h    Age: 9

Bentley is an extremely brave and sweet UNRACED TB gelding who loves to please. He could be trained for eventing or dressage but his true passion is jumping! He has been shown through the 3′ jumpers but has schooled to 3’6 and still has tons of ability and talent to go even beyond. He is easy at shows, loads like a dream and is an easy keeper. Soft mouth and fancy trot. Great canter.  Great ground manners, no vices or soundness issues.

Horse C – Breed: Hungarian Warmblood    Height: 16.1h    Age: 7

Seven year old, 16.1 hh, Hungarian Warmblood gelding (Furioso bloodlines and registered with HHAA). With a solid build, this horse would suit a tall rider. This horse is quiet and safe to ride and has an incredible mind. Husband and boyfriend friendly, Pippin would make a GREAT first horse, yet can jump well and is careful enough to be competitive. Pippin has competed and won several placings at Amberlea Jump For Hope, an A-rated jumper show.

Horse DBreed: TB    Height: 15.3h    Age: 10

lexus is a lovely show quality hunter prospect. Nice mover and a 10+ jump, with a nice square tuck. We are currently jumping a beautiful 2’6″ – 3’3″ course with flying lead changes. Lexus has plenty of scope and potential as a child/adult jumper. He is super quiet and is a straight forward, uncomplicated ride, very rideable and willing. He is very very sweet in nature. This is a very impressive horse with quality breeding who would be especially perfect for a childrens, junior, adult or metal hunter.

Horse EBreed: TB    Height: 16.1h    Age: 9

Ruby Slippers is a 16.1 hand tb mare who has never raced. She is currently showing in the Low Childrens and is in the top 10. She is an excellent teacher as she is very honest and safe. Has auto leads. Is very consistent at shows and is comfortable in new environments. Is an easy keeper, very loving mare who is fantastic for the farrier and vet. She trailers, clips, bathes and has no vices.

Horse FBreed: Oldenburg/Hanoverian    Height: 16.1h    Age: 8

Georgio is a 2003 Oldenburg Hanoverian cross gelding out of Kodachrome standing at 16.1 hands. Georgio is a flashy mover with good form over fences, has his flying lead changes with a sweet personality. Georgio is currently schooling 3’0 with a lot of potential to move up. In 2010 Georgio showed through-out the season,placing in the top of his classes(he ended the season showing 2’9)

We’d ask you to guess which is the only horse to be listed as sold, but that’s too easy – it’s the cheapest one!  Come back tomorrow to find out the prices.  Whoever is closest gets a gold star!

…and in the immortal words of Bob Barker: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”


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  1. Just guessing, of course. I did not try to find the ads. Lowest to highest is D-Lexus is $3,000; B-Bentley; C-Pippin; A-Shine; E-Ruby Slippers; F-Georgio is $30,000.

    That is not the order in which I would want to buy them!

  2. I’d like Ruby Slippers myself. I thought Georgio must be the most expensive because he had the worst picture!

  3. The most expensive one is actually Shine. The one with the loose, uneven front legs and the ad text that is apparently allergic to proper sentences.

    For anyone who’s curious, mouseover the photos; the prices show up in the hovertext!

  4. I should have guessed because they’re so cheap, they used a proof for their $30,000 wonder horse. If the horse is that valuable, they should have been able to afford the photographer.

  5. I think Lexus is the nicest and he’s also the cheapest!

  6. Ironic the one I liked best – Bentley – is one of the cheapest. I also like Ruby Slippers. Shine is $30,000 yet has terrible form over the fence. It could be the part of the rider, she seems to be leaning awfully far forward for such a small fence.

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