Good puppy!

Now THAT is a well trained dog!  First he goes to check on the rider, then he goes to collect the horse! 😉 (The rider, on the other hand, could use a little more training if she wants to avoid similar situations in the future.)

Being that this rider is obviously an amateur just learning to jump, we won’t go into full snark mode (it’s a first; we’re actually a little concerned and are considering seeking medical treatment).  She certainly has potential, but she really has to make sure to ride the entire line – in this video she turns into a passenger as soon as she leaves the rail and it causes all kinds of trouble.

[Interjection from the Dressage Princess: When I used to jump, I froze up sooo bad – I even forgot to breathe! For the entire course!! So if that’s the case for you, making yourself breathe through this will make a world of difference.  I used to sing while jumping – it made me breathe and distracted me enough so that I didn’t over think my jumps.  Just don’t try to dance and jump, bad things happen.  Funny things, but bad things.  And now, back to reality…]

It’s times like these where the magical half-halt is your best friend, it can be the remedy for a myriad of sins.  Without the half-halt though, we have a domino effect:  His canter gets long coming out of the corner, he jumps the first jump big, leaves out a stride before the second, jumps it even bigger and winds up with a perfect excuse to refuse the third.  She just needs more work at seeing distances and getting her horse to wait for the correct take-off point.  More gymnastics work would actually be a good idea for her, but perhaps with distance poles set up to encourage correct striding.

Thanks to equestriandani for the video.  We hope you keep up with your lessons and maybe send us an updated video?  We’d love to see your progress! 🙂


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