Logic FAIL

Should have died a virgin.

This mare is a nice broodmare, she is 10yr and stands 14.3hh, she is double bred Heath Bar None and she is in foal to a nice running stallion named Take Me Some Cash, which this foal will be a nice nice foal, the stallion is siring alot of nice foals, she is priced at $2500 in foal

Shockingly enough, we found this ad on craigslist.  The seller’s strange aversion to periods and proper grammar makes the ad difficult to interpret, but the basic logic seems to be that nice + nice = nice nice.

This gross over-simplification of breeding would be problematic enough if the mare was indeed “nice”.  But one look at her tells you she really should have been locked in a nunnery and left to die a virgin.  If that neck was set any lower, it would be starting between her knees!  And I do believe that’s a roach back we see.  Nice nice indeed!  The overall appearance seems vaguely reminiscent of beef cattle.


On the other hand, we checked out the stallion and he does seem to qualify as nice.  Not phenomenal or spectacular, but nice.  Furthermore, he was bred to be a racehorse.  I’m not an expert on QH breeding, but isn’t crossing a running horse with the creature above a little like forcing a gazelle to mate with a buffalo?  I can just imagine the poor little mixed parts foal.  *shudder*

But the single biggest issue we have is this: if you don’t want the one horse, why are you creating another?  Repeat after me:

Just because it has a uterus doesn’t mean it should have a baby!


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  1. I do think you hit it right on the nose with the “virgin in a convent” option.

  2. Nice example of a “nest”, i.e., where does the neck end and the chest begin? well, it is a nest, who cares!

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