The Cow Called…

…he wants his hocks back!

2011 Cremello Quarter Horse colt (in the process of being registered). He is out of Shortys All Spark (goes back to Shining Spark and Doc O’Lena) and Niftys Memgold (Jackie Bee bloodlines). He is a stunning cremello with big blue eyes. He is very mellow, weaned, he is halterbroke, and will stand perfectly still when tied up. He has a great disposition, and is going to be a beauty! Reining bloodlines. Please email if interested. $2500 OBO.

Another craigslist gem here.  I guess kudos for the honest advertising?   They’re certainly not trying to hide those hocks!  This definitely seems to be a case of breeding for color over quality though.  After all, look at all the other purdy kolored horses in the background below…

These side pics show a little more, and it’s not much better.  I know it’s an awkward age, and the photo angle really isn’t doing him any favors, but that explains away the high bum and not much else!  Over at the knee, thick through the throatlatch, long back with a weak loin… there doesn’t seem to be a single part of his body that doesn’t have some sort of issue.

Someone needs to inform his breeders that a crappy horse with a cool color is still a crappy horse.

Please please please won’t somebody geld him?


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  1. My turn to be snarky: I’ll excuse “kolored” as it seems to go with the chocolates … I mean, the “purdy” 🙂 But this is not the first time you’ve typed “definately” — a common enough mistake, to be sure, but one that definitely bugs the hell out of me!

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