The Horse Nanny:

Your child will never misbehave again!

This video was sent to us from a reader (we didn’t get a chance to ask if it was ok to use their name prior to posting – but if the person who sent this to us sees this post and wants to de-anonymize themselves, go for it!).  And let’s just say it, we’re all thinking it: She had it comin’!

There are two ways to look at this video: From the point of view of a parent, or from the point of view of a horse lover.  Let’s start with the parent, shall we?

What parent hasn’t (likely on more than a few occasions) been just a tad fed up with their spawn offspring?  While we would never condone hitting a child, don’t you kind of wish this horse was your child’s nanny?

Point of view number 2: The Horse Lover

No decent person likes to see a horse treated poorly (if you do, please send us your full contact information because we have a few things we want to say/do to you).  Unfortunately there’s no background information with this video, but it appears the horse is just standing there, hanging out on a nice, sunny day, when out of nowhere this little girl comes and decides to hit and then push him!  Now, I don’t know about you but I sure as hell wouldn’t put up with that.  Why should a horse?  And when he had so many other options open to him, he really did choose the nicest one – he didn’t rear or try to kick her, he merely did what amounts to pulling her hair.

So, to this horse, wherever you are, we salute you!  Keep up the good work!


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  1. As a parent, I would never let my child go up and do that to a horse, and as a parent I can’t believe how close that girl came to death. If that horse had gotten her by the neck she might not have survived. Not a horse that would stay in my herd, even if it wasn’t his fault.

  2. I think both of them could learn a little ground manners. Without context, it’s difficult to know what initiated the provocation. But I agree with oldredhorse that a small child should not be allowed to vex the horse like that. As for the horse’s reaction… wow!

  3. I’ve seen it before, except it was only a gif and didn’t show the girl hitting the horse, only pushing him and getting her hair yanked on some website called animals being assholes or something. My guess is the horse was never taught any ground manners too. The girl obviously does not know how to read horse behavior either, otherwise she would know it’s not wise to try to push around a ton of horse power unless he recognizes you as the alpha horse. She got off easy.

    • We sincerely hope that little girl never goes near a horse again. Not sure about the ground manners – it’s impossible to know the whole situation since it’s a what? 20 second video? But absolutely that horse did NOT view her as alpha! haha

      • I only mention the ground manners because no horse in the school where I ride would do that to a kid or adult, even if it was a 5 year old kid of knew nothing about pecking order. They might take a bit a you, try to run off, spin around in circles to keep the rider from getting on, but they would never purposely knock somebody down.

        In the 3 years I’ve been having lessons, I’ve done very little ground work, sadly. But I tack up the horses and lead them to the arena or back to stall and shower them. I used to be all “oh poor horsey, he only bit me or stepped on me cos he was hungry”. I don’t take that shit anymore. A yank on the lead rope and a smack in the nose never hurts any horse and it’s enough to make them understand who’s in charge. I also make them stop and back up if they try to get in front of me to get to their stall. I don’t care if they want to eat, the barn aisle is petty narrow and I don’t want to get stepped on or trip because Mr. horsey was in a rush. Same goes for stallions getting excited when walk close to the mares.

  4. Sort of Anonymous

    Well, the horse did grab her hair and not her head. Her parents should have made sure she was supervised (themselves or whoever owns the horse, etc).

    Kind of a Darwin thing. If she’s not smart enough to know she may be in over her head with something that’s 30 times bigger than her, well, she gets what she gets.

    Hopefully scared from horses forever.

  5. She was clearly out to get a reaction there. She hit the horse and stepped back. Then, when there was no reaction, she pushed him. Brat.

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