“broke” vs “trained” / broke horse”

There IS a difference between a “broke” horse and a “trained” / broke horse” just because a horse is “broke” to ride does NOT mean he or she is “trained” Does your horse know how to “flex” and “give” to pressure? Can you do a “one rein stop”? I can train your horse to do these two simple tasks and more. I can teach him or her to lunge, neck rein, correct leads/lead changes, to back, side pass, run barrels, poles, trailer load, etc. and I can teach YOU as the owner how to keep your horse on the right track. I have owned/trained horses for over 40 years.

$25.00 an hour and I come to your place.

Just like there IS a difference between the English language and whatever it is that you just vomited onto craigslist.  It literally hurt my soul to read that.

Thank you craigslist for providing what we like to call a “breeding ground of stupidity”.   Just a quick tip, from us to you, just because a horse is “flexed” does NOT mean he or she is “trained”.  And just because you have “owned/trained horses for over 40 years” doesn’t mean you have been training ’em right!  Did you see, anywhere in that ad, a smidgen of qualification?

Jumper Girl may have beat her head against a wall when reading Enjoys Being Brushed, but this one made me (Dressage Princess) beat my head against my desk (it was more convenient than the wall).


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  1. Isn’t the whole point of the one-rein stop that your horse isn’t trained for shit, and therefore you can’t stop using the traditional aids and have to employ a method with the subtlety of dropping an anchor? I did not realize you needed to TRAIN a horse to do a one-rein stop!

    • Exactly! Plus a one-rein stop is an aid you use, not something you train the horse to do. It’s like saying “I’m going to train my horse to use leg pressure.” Ummm NO. You use leg pressure as an aid. You train the horse to respond to it in a certain way!

  2. I had to read this several times because she/he lost me in the first sentence. “trained” / broke horse” doesn’t even make sense to me.
    I love that they use “I have owned/trained horses for over 40 years” as credentials. There’s not even a single picture of this so-called trainer riding a horse. No link to a website or videos. And yet I bet there are a bunch of loosers out there think this “trainer” is the solution to all their problems.

    And why, oh why, is everyone always wanting to train a horse but never want to train themselves? Hello dumbasses!, it does not matter if your horse is trained to “give” to pressure, unless you know when to give pressure and when to release. I often ride a horse that was trained to do passage and flying changes. Well I wasn’t trained to do it so it can’t get the horse to do it no matter how well trained he is. DUH!

    • LOL I love that this post got a rant! The “trainer” totally deserves it to! 40 years experience does not a good trainer make!

      • This is really a pet peeve of mine. Everyone is always willing to pay big bucks to train a horse, to solve their horse problems and they aren’t willing to spend half an hour in the saddle WITH a trainer. I don’t get it. I don’t own a horse yet, all I can afford are riding lessons once a week, but when something goes wrong, the first thing I ask is what did I do wrong (unless the horse is obviously spooked by something).

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