A glimpse into the snarcastic synaptic firings of Jumper Girl & Dressage Empress

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves – well, actually today it’s just me: Dressage Empress.

We’ve been trying to come up with nicknames for ourselves for a while now and have come to the conclusion that we’ll just go by our drug discipline of choice.

First off, a little bit about my riding history.  I started riding almost 20 years ago and would not go faster than a walk for about a month.  I’ve been going strong ever since 😉  I’ve done some jumping, a (very) little bit of western, trails, equitation and dressage.  I’ve probably done about 80% of my training in dressage – I love it.  I love the precise nature of the tests, the elegance of the movements, the harnessed energy that with a feathers touch can be directed to do anything.  Above all else I love that dressage commands 100% of my attention.  My mind literally cannot wander while I’m training – which is a good thing because I’m a crazy person.  Not crazy as in making out with a stapler, but crazy in that I sometimes make up back stories for my food, or occasionally when talking I’ll slip into a random accent because I’ve become bored with whomever I’m talking to or whatever I’m talking about.  Plus, sometimes my stapler looks kinda sexy…

Jumper Girl and I seem to balance each others writing out pretty well.  I like to go off on tangents and sometimes have trouble sticking to one cohesive theme within a single paragraph (see above) and she sometimes gets bogged down in the conformational or technical details.  She edits my writing so a sane person can read it (which makes me question her sanity, that she can actually interpret what I say…) and gets rid of some of my comma’s and ellipses… I, really, like, ellipses…

I feel like I’m filling out one of those online dating profiles.  And am suffering severe writers block because of it.  You know how it is, you sign up thinking you have so much to say, you’re profile is going to be EPIC: hilarious, intelligent, witty, cleverly sardonic with eye catching verbosity so as to distract potential suitors from the fact that you’re a cycloptic, acne-scarred nincompoop.  BUT THEN you go to write the online dating equivalent to the great American novel and nothing.  Bubkes.  It’s the Great China Wall of writers block.  Wait a second, bad example.  Maginot Line? No, not that one either.  Hadrian’s Wall?  Well, I’m sure you catch my drift.

That was my long winded way of saying I’m not sure what else to write so at this time I’m accepting questions, comments and concerns. -mostly questions.


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  1. Currently my mare has the name Dressage Princess Copyrighted. She asks that you cease and desist immediately. 😉


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