Withers not included…

But he does comes with his blue rubber ball!

This is a stunning horse. 18 months old. Will likely mature to be about 14- 14.2 hh. Excellent conformation. Registered with the Chincoteague Pony Association. His parents made the famous swim across the channel. Both his parents are here for you to see. These little horses are fun. Very smart and easy to train. They love people. They have great feet and strong bones. Excellent in Dressage, jumping, trail.
He comes with his blue rubber ball, since he likes to play with it for hours!!!
He is very correct and kind.

Craigslist again.  It’s a never ending source of entertainment!  We’d like to point out that while we hate seeing skinny horses as much as the next person (unless they’re an idiot, in which case it’s the person after that), a yearling should never be this fat.  It’s just asking for joint issues.  We’d also like to point out that just because you say it’s correct, doesn’t mean it actually is.  A correct horse would have withers.  And straight legs.  And a longer neck.  And a clean throatlatch.  Did we miss anything?


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  1. Er, i don’t know that much about conformation or what’s acceptable for a Chincoteague Pony, but I think those shots make it hard to see the horse’s withers. On the left he’s stretching his neck sort of upwards so maybe they’re actually trying to hide the fact that he has no withers or they’re just really crappy at taking shots.The photo on the right makes him look butt high, but it could be just from the angle. His front legs however, do seem to be growing out of the same spot and the hocks are almost glued together O.o Poor horse. Being fat is the least of his problems. And I’ll bet you he hasn’t been gelded either. Sigh…

    • We totally agree, these were not the best photos to work from. However, we still should have been able to see some withers. You really hit the nail on the head with your comments on his legs though! We seem to be coming across a lot of cow hocked horses lately! Maybe these “breeders” know something we don’t? Are cow hocks now in style?!

      • See, I knew there was something wrong with those legs the moment I took a good at them, just from a photo, and I very little about conformation! How could the breeders not have noticed? And how do you get a hose to end being cow hocked anyway? It’s probably a dumb question, but I’ve never seen legs that bad anywhere in my country (POrtugal), even in the horses bred by gypsies.

  2. Sorry about the spelling and eating my words. I was really tired yesterday.

  3. Really? You’re knocking an 18 month old pony for not having withers? Have you ever been around a young horse?? I wouldn’t be concerned about withers not showing up until the horse is at least two years old. Later for a pony breed that is often slightly mutton-withered.

    Educate yourself.

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