$6k? No Way!

Craigslist is really making our job  easy…  We happened across this first ad a few days ago and just couldn’t stop ourselves from commenting.  And commenting not just on the horses themselves, but on the pricing.  Yes, all the horses below are from the same area within the same state and within a few hundred dollars of a $6000 price tag.  No, we’re not sure why either.

Must see 7 year old, well trained, registered Quarter Horse Mare, AQHA Pacific Red Cloud. Excellent bloodlines, good mind, easily trained, easy keeper, not ‘mareish’, no vices, safe, sane, and perfect conformation at 16.1 HH. She is trained in English and western and has done a little jumping, she can do it all! We do natural horsemanship with her and she responds fabulously. She has wonderful ground manners, comes when you call her, clips, bathes, trailers, good for farrier and vet and gets along well with other horses, great around traffic, dogs, ATV’s, etc. Does well on trails either alone or in company, not spooky at all, stands to be mounted, and moves off on command. We have very young children and not enough time to ride her as much as we would like and she deserves. To approved home only. If interested please call — — —-

Poor, dejected looking pony!

We’re not quite sure they understand what “perfect conformation” is…  We’re also not sure they know what proper muscling is or conditioning – or what a healthy horse looks like, for that matter.  That neck is the epitome of scrawny!  Now, it may be that the photo was taken at an odd moment, but a horse standing like this one is in the right-side picture, usually indicates some type of leg pain.  Would you pay +/-$6000 for the (admittedly dubious) honor of paying potentially more to a vet?


Great personality. He goes well English, Western, Dressage & has started jumping. He’s been used as a lesson horse for the past 2 years.   Wonderful on the trail, he will go wherever you want. His gaits are smooth & he is easily collected. I feel his potential is being wasted as a lesson horse.  He swims, rides in traffic, lunges, drives, bathes, clips, stands for the farrier and vets without issue. He loves to attend shows, clinics and games days. Solid horses for beginners are hard to find and he is still fun for advanced riders as well! Approved home only. Current Negative Coggins and he has had spring shots and teeth floated. Just ask, I have tons of pics and 4 videos!


I’m so glad they have “tons of pics and 4 videos!” but can you tell me how old this horse is?!  I don’t know about you but if a horse is a great lesson horse, like the one described above, usually they try to hang on to these horses and don’t sell because “his potential is being wasted”.


Good horse. Trotter. Call Dude* ###-####

At first this was the only ad text we could find.  Very succinct!

Shining Mountian Diamond Mist: 12 year old Chestnut Mare registerd Missouri Foxtrotter #99-#####. Best horse I ever had, goes any where and guards the rider. No spook no kick no buck. Prefers Women but has excepted me, as most of her riders were female. Exellent horse must sell my new Job takes me out of town and away from MIST.

Found the ad a second time, this time it actually had, ummm, words.  And thus gave us more fodder for mockery.  How does a horse guard its rider?  If you fall and a coyote tries to attack will the horse bare its teeth and scare the thing away?  Will it protect the rider from a band of unruly men in tights who steal from the rich to feed the poor? (Good gawd I hope so, that last one is the stuff of nightmares!)


*Name changed to protect seller’s identity from said unruly band of men in tights 😉


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  1. First 2 posts: wow I love how those 2 horse do EVERYTHING! They excell at everything, so they must be some kind of rare horses or maybe most riders are just dumb for trying to focus on the ride style that’s best for the horse’s conformation? Not saying that any of these others would have the potential to show or anything, but I think every horse can be good at on job, unless they have some medical condition.
    It’s hard to say if the first horse is in pain without seeing him move, but he looks pretty darn unhappy to me. Meakes me sad. Because there’s no way he’s gonna get an upgrade for 6k. :\

    Last post: ROTFLMFAO!!! “Prefers Women but has EXCEPTED me” I can’t even comment on that without having a giggle fit. And “guards the river”! WOW Who needs a guard dog when you have a guard horse! Still LMAO!

  2. Meh, I would like to see more photos and the movies. Maybe you should post the links…. While 6k is way more than I would think it is worth, sounds like a younger seller who just doesn’t have a clue. I have also seen many dumb bloods sell way over priced and aren’t worth the 6k I’d pay for any good quarter horse or TB.

    But then again, I love the CRAZY un-corked TB mares that everyone says are un-trainable. But then again I’m not normal either.

    • Ugh you and Jumper Girl will get along juuuust fine – she LOVES crazy TB’s – although she doesn’t limit that to TB’s, she rides a very alpha (and crazy) warmblood mare as well. I, however, devote my eternal and undying love to dumb-bloods. I did manage to find myself a dumb-blood who’s just as crazy and clumsy as I am 😀

  3. Great post, but I read “guards the rider” to mean that she slows or stops if the rider loses their balance. I could be wrong on that though.

    The $6k price tags are off the hook, I have seen 2 free oldenburg mares within 3 hours drive of my home in the last 2 months, and those are the ones I have stumbled across. Both were sound, rideable and I believe the one was going 2nd level. Neither were old either.

    I’m not sure people research prices before putting ads up.

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