POA Parade!

One of our regular readers sent us a photo of her project POA in the hopes that we would use it for a conformation clinic.  We happily agreed and immediately started searching for comparable ponies to use in our post.

Holy hell, was it ever depressing!

This is Natchez.  He’s a 4 year old we found on  His owners “just don’t have time for him”.  Apparently they also “just don’t have time” for the farrier.  His hooves are longer than his pasterns!  But he and his oddly shaped legs can be yours for the low, low price of $200.

Next we have this little guy.  He’s three years old and already in his second year of showing.  He’s been started on patterns, showmanship, trail, reining, and English and Western Pleasure.  Anyone else think his current owners should spend a little less time training him and a little more time feeding him and letting him grow?  Oh no wait, I get it, they spent his food budget on entry fees! Of course!  Poor thing looks like a stick insect.  If anyone has $6000 to spend, you can find him on

This one’s from and is a prime example of mixed-up priorities in the horse world.  He’s two and is going great under saddle, but, of course, hasn’t yet seen the business end of the man-berry shears (he’s not gelded, in case that wasn’t clear).  Because everyone wants to use a $1000 colt as the cornerstone of their breeding program, right?  Sigh…  They do claim he hasn’t bred any mares, so there may be hope yet.

Anyways, on to the conformation clinic!  Comment on this post and state the order in which you would place the following three horses, from best to worst – and why.

Pony A: 2001 14h Gelding

Pony B: 2006 14h Gelding

Pony C: 2007ish 14.1h Colt (Soon-to-be-gelding)*

We’ll post our thoughts (complete with ranking) on the final three tomorrow.  Keep in mind, we do come from an English perspective, so that bias will likely shine through.  Feel free to rate based on your own discipline!

*Bit of a rescue, age was estimated.


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  1. Natchez seems like a cute like guy, even though he has a huge head. I didn’t notice the feet at first, because they’re kinda hidden by the dirt. Poor fella, if I had the time and money I’d happily take him, even if he is a little fugly.

    Second horse seems like a nice project for someone who has the time and money, but at 2 years, he should NOT be under saddle dammit!

    Conformation is not my one of my strong points as I mentioned before, but pony A and B seem to be suffering from a case of really long back. And pony B seems really downhill, I bet it’s not very conforable under saddle for him or the rider. His shoulder looks awful too and those pasterns look pretty funky to me (dunno much about pastersn so I could be wrong). Well, at least they’re geldings…
    Pony C is not so bad compared to the others, but I’m glad he is soon-to-be-gelding, because he’s definitely not stallion material.

    • I skipped over the POA, so by second horse I actually meant the third horse ^^;
      As for th “stick insect”, if he’s 3 years old and he’s been showing for the second year, then that means he’s been ridden since he was 1?! WTF is wrong with these people? At first glance it looked like a case of rider too big, but I see it’s actually horse too small, with no muscles (or fat) at all, and that neck is so think it’s looks like it’s gonna snap *cringes*

  2. I’m not by any means a conformation expert, but I don’t really like the look of any of those three. The first one looks very long in the back and too upright in the shoulder and hip, the second one looks quite downhill (though it may just be the picture) but more than that he’s giving me the skunkeye; and the third one just looks kind of odd to me, but I can’t figure out exactly what to say about it. The proportions just look really off… maybe just short-backed? I can’t decide. I guess I’d like the third one the best of the three, if I had to decide.

    And I have to agree with you… that POA in the show photo does look rather like a stick insect.

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