Can’t ride it but you can breed it!

Yup, that seems about right.  The ad flat out states the the mare is not sound, and yet they want you to breed her and put an additional 100 pounds on a bum hock.  Let us then ask you, oh knowledgeable seller, if you were crippled in some way, would you want to carry a child around your midsection for 9 months?  No?  WE DIDN’T FREAKIN THINK SO!

We’ll stop taking ads from craiglist when… no wait, we can’t think of scenario wherein stupid people stop posting on craigslist.  Case in point below.

Egyptian Bloodlines for your breeding program! – $500

Imperial Duchess is a well tempered, spunky, mare thats chestnut with roan, she stands about 14.3H weighing about 850 Born in March 1998. She would make a great addition to anyones breeding program due to her Egyptian background. Being 75-85% Egyptian Duchess has the cute baby doll head set, and beautiful arch of her neck. Due to arthritis in her hock, she is only sound at a walk. She’d also make a great pony horse, as she has been in parades. Due to her breed an intermediate/experienced rider is recommended. She’s been on trails and loves it. So if your just looking for a horse with stamina for the trails you’ve found her. This mare truly is wonderful. Her great great grandparents are Rashad Ibn Nazeer, Bint Moniet El Netous, Bint El Bataa, Ansata Ibn Halima, Ansata Bint Bukra, and Ibn Moniet El Nefous. That’s just a few of her great bloodlines, her great great great grandparents hold even more wonderful bloodlines.She is registered with the AHR her registration number is 0553073. Id like 500/OBO. The price is very negotiable to the right home, so dont be afraid to ask questions and/or come out and see her. Being a senior in high school, I need to downsize on my animals, so a good forever home is a plus. You WONT be disappointed! I have lots of pictures just email for them please. I check my email daily so I shall get back to you asap. Thank you for your time in reading this. Text or call ###-###-####

Just a side note, a bit of a tip from us to potential breeders, if the horse is arthritic at 13 years of age, IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR BREEDING !!!!!!!!!! (see all the exclamation marks? We’re super cereal dammit!)  Arthritis is hereditary.  That means that no matter what wonderful Egyptian bloodlines this mare may have, her foal is most likely going to have arthritis in its hocks as well, probably by the same age as this horse (if not sooner), thus cutting short its career.  This hypothetical baby already has an increased chance of ending up dumped at a rescue or worse, at an auction, and it’s not even a fetus yet!

“Due to her breed an intermediate/experienced rider is recommended” – First off, what intermediate rider is going to want a horse that can just walk?  We understand that Arabians are a “hot blooded” breed – but why is it that some people think the terms “hot blooded” and “well trained” are mutually exclusive?  And just because they are a “hot blooded” breed doesn’t automatically mean they require an intermediate/experienced rider.  We’ve known many an Arab who happily carted around little kids and taught lessons with the best of ’em.

Finally, if this girl is a senior in high school she needs to be held back a grade, or several.  Or at the very least be thrown into remedial English.  Unless she’s typing on one of those new-fangled keyboards that doesn’t have an apostrophe key…  you know, like those new cars that don”t have turn signals?

*Bonus point to anyone who spots the (fairly obvious) South Park reference.*


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  1. LOL. Sending a no longer rideable mare or stallion off to a breeding program is a totally viable option if the horse is well conformed, lacking any sort of genetic issue and registered. But this thing is long backed, short necked and ewe necked… and to see arthritis at 13 in one hock? I doubt it, it’s likely OCD as it’s pretty common in arab’s I’m finding out. But it’s easier to sell the mare off (for more than she’s worth) than have a vet come check the animal out and, you know, actually diagnose the issue.

    • Interesting point about the OCD, could very well be the case. I agree about giving a horse a second chance with a new career as a broodmare of stud if they have a non-genetic injury curtailing their career. But that is so definitely (and unfortunately) not the case here!

      Plus the ad writers spelling is just deplorable! I can’t get past it (shocking, I know).

  2. Diagnose the issue and be proactive?!? That’s crazy talk! That’s like saying that pics of a horse not squared up, being threatened by a sweat scraper and/or standing in the field are not the ideal marketing strategies!! Conformation train wrecks and genetic hazardous waste has no place in the breeding barn… and I’m “super cereal” about that 😉

  3. HA! “genetic hazardous waste” – I love that! So very apt in this, and in so many, situations.

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