We’re just angry about this one (coarse language warning)

We typically try and find humor in every situation, but there’s nothing funny about the following video.

The bitch girl in the video is clearly having a problem with her horse.  She has also very clearly lost her temper and is taking it out on him.  What’s not clear is what she’s actually trying to achieve with her continual spurring and yanking.  And if we can’t tell, how do you expect a horse to?  This is How NOT To Train/School Your Horse 101.

It doesn’t matter what discipline you’re training for, whether it’s dressage, cutting, polo, harness racing, whatever, there are a few basic principles that remain the same.

Keep it simple and clear.  We’ve got no idea what in the hell she’s trying to achieve.  Annnnd the horse obviously doesn’t either.

If your horse doesn’t understand, you need to break down the concept into simpler pieces until he gets what you’re asking of him.  What she’s doing is the equine equivalent of screaming at someone when they don’t understand the language you’re speaking.  (We’ve all met those tourists: “Which way to the washrooms?” *puzzled stare* “WHICH WAY TO THE WASHROOMS?” *puzzled and slightly fearful stare* “WHICH WAY TO THE WASHROOMS?” *other person runs away*)  It never works.

We’d like to see how the “rider” would respond to someone trying to get her to do something by hitting and kicking her!

Use a logical progression of aids.  This is an extension of the first concept, but deserves its own mention.

Make sure your horse understands each individual aid before using them in conjunction.  There’s no point in asking for a turn on the haunches if your horse doesn’t understand flexion or moving away from leg pressure.  Once you’re certain they’re clear on the concept, start with the level of pressure you eventually hope to get a response from and then use progressively greater force to get the reaction you want.  But asking softly first is key!  You will never have a soft horse if you are never a soft rider.  Randomly spurring him and hitting his mouth simply teaches him to expect pain when you’re on board, nothing more.  Which leads us to…

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever school in anger.  If you can’t keep your temper in check, get off the damn horse.

It’s about making corrections, not punishing him.  Punching his neck is not a legitimate aid.  And if all you’ve managed to achieve with your “schooling” is to make him fall over, you should probably take a deep breath, calm the hell down and take a different approach – not continue going until you manage to flip him over on top of you.  (Actually, if you have caused a horse to fall over, you should probably take a deep breath, calm the hell down, get the fuck off the horse and never ride again.)

We think she deserved exactly what she got (there’s a special place in hell for people like that).  The horse?  Not so much.


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  1. This one’s pretty bad. It was featured in bad_riding twice.
    I think she deserved a lot worse. At the very least a concussion and a few broken bones.
    While i don’t know a lot about reining, I know spurring and pulling violently on the horse’s mouth is NOT an aid. A lot of the people in the bad_riding community ride western and they couldn’t figure out what the girl was trying to do either. Some thought she was trying to teach the horse to back up and do spins. Spins! She doesn’t even know how to give basic aids! I think she should be banned from ever riding or owning a horse again.

    And while we’re on the subject of backing up, a little side note. The other day the arena was pretty muddy and I “parked” the horse in a bad spot to dismount so I asked the trainer how to back up a horse. She said she would teach it to me properly at another time but i thought, what the hell, I’ve seen how it’s done online, I’ll give it a try anyway. So I gently squeezed the reins and pulled back while asking for motion with my legs. And voilà, it worked! No tugging, no kicking, no hissy fits involved. Of course THIS horse had been properly schooled to back up. The one in the video, was either not taught to back up or was so confused by the constant kicking and pulling that he just shut down.

  2. omg…. what i would do to that “rider?” if i met her. jees what the hell was she doing. Talk about mixed messages. i’m guessing she wanted to learn spins and halts / back ups, but the horse has to learn about lateral flection first. She got what was deserved. i dread to think about how she took it out on the horse though.

  3. OK what is with 1:01, the horse was stood still nicely and she’s like yanking her back and kicking at her. Then the horse tries to get the rider off and she gets back and hits her and yanks at her even more, I don’t blame her for rearing!
    Thankfully from the comments on the video the horse is in a better home now.

    • I think she was trying to back up but the mare had no clue what she was trying to do. Hell, if the people watching this have no clue, how could the mare be expected to understand?? Also, I have to wonder if the mare had been taught to back up at all.

  4. Wow! That makes me sick. People like this should be banned from riding forever! Obviously the horse had NO idea what it was supposed to do and the constant slamming on it was just causing fear. I don’t normally wish nasty things on anyone, but I have to say I really hope the rider broke at least one bone on this one. 😦

  5. This is one video where if I could have reached through the computer and yanked her off that horse I would. If I’d been there in person we’d had have one hell of a brawl. Good thing I wasn’t, I guess.

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