Why I stayed in Friday night

Last night I had a tough decision to make: To go to Starbucks and work (after having already worked a 10 hour day doing paddocks at the barn and a full 8 hour shift at my  job) or not.

Would you like to know what tipped the scales?  The fact that if I stayed in I wouldn’t have to wear pants.

I’ve never inquired but I feel pretty good about operating under the assumption that Starbucks is very much a ‘no shoes, no shirt, no pants, no service’ kind of place.  Plus I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be walking around “freebirding it”, to borrow a Southern male euphemism (not entirely correct in the situation I’ve outlined here, but I wanted to use it!).  And then, how much work would I actually accomplish?  Would it really have been worth it?  I didn’t think so either.

BAM! Lawyered.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am 26 years old and I went to bed at 8pm on a Friday night!  Sad? sure.  Pathetic? maybe.  Well refreshed and ready to go the next morning? oh hells yeah!

I would like to know how many other people have sacrificed their Friday nights in lieu of pantlessness – or comfort, if you prefer.

Wave your hands in the air if you spent-your-Friday-night-at-home-with-ice-cream-and-wine-instead-of-ooooouuuuuuttttttt! heeeeee-eeeeeyyyyyy ooooooooo-ooooooooo!

-Dressage Princess Empress


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  1. I don’t like wine, does it still count if I spent my friday nights with ice cream and TV? Or chocolate and TV/Computer?

    I spend a lot of friday nights at home because:
    a)Going out is too damn expensive these days
    b)I’m usually beat by the end of the week or
    c)I’m too lazy to get dressed (hotugh I prefer skirts to pants)

    I do not, however, go to bed at 8pm unless I’m really sick or pass out from lack of sleep.

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