WDC: Water works

We had to get this one up before summer is officially over and the hot weather completely disappears.  Because when it does we will be too busy crying ourselves to sleep to post a Weekly Dose of Cute.  (We kid.  We’ll post through our tears!)

That is one smart horse!  Apparently he’s 24 years old.  Kudos to his owners for keeping him so healthy and happy!

(Ok, I had to interject – does anyone else think that the horse’s neck has been removed and then reattached several inches lower than it should be?!!  Makes me think of those mobsters who go to doctors that have flamed out for one reason or another and practice questionable medicine in abandoned warehouses while drinking bourbon straight from the bottle.  And the mobsters all “Hey man, remove this bullet and tell no one.  Is that a rusty scalpel?”  -Dressage Empress – yup decided to change my nickname to appease Jay’s horse!)


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  1. OMG! I’m in love with that horse! Wish the horse’s at my riding school liked to be prayed like that. They all start sliding their butts away the moment the water hits their feet and when I get their faces wet, boy oh boy, do they look pissed!

    I’ll agree that the neck looks really funky. But it’s still a cute horse. I wouldn’t breed anything to him, though.

  2. Silly horse! All the bath-hating horses out there could take a lesson from him. (And yeah, that horse isn’t going to be winning any conformation classes any time soon. Poor fellow, I hope he’s sound and usable. He’s obviously happy, though!)

  3. on a similar note there’s a pair of horses just down the road from me that don’t do anything (been there for 20 years) and some times “I catch myself thinking, well why do they even have horses” but then I think about all the unwanted cast off horses because people just don’t want to take care of them anymore, and I think “those two horses actually have it pretty good.”

    My opinion even if the horse isn’t great looking conformationally or never used or just a pasture nag, They are some of the lucky few that have secure futures, and really what more could you ask for?

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