It’s just a baby!

2011 APHA Chestnut Overo filly, registered and completly paid into OPHB-TCF Pro and Non-Pro Halter Futurity. Currently being fitted. Pictured with just a couple days fitting on her. Sire is by APHA Superior Halter stallion “Hot Scotch Te Go” by 2x World Champion and APHA Champion “Hot Scotch Man”. Dam is out of ROM Halter Stallion “Dun In Stitches” and a Sunny Dee Bar mare.
Nice tall filly that will halter and ride. Should mature to 15.2h or better. Sweet, easy going filly that is extremly kind and trainable. Nice long thin neck, will get even better with some sweating. Don’t really want to sell this filly before TCF, but my health and to many horses forces me to put her up sor sale.

This ad was sent in by a reader.  It makes us so sad to see that this poor little thing is a 2011.  Even if she was born on the very first day of the year, she would still only be 8 months old now.  In all likelihood this foal is around 4 months and probably hadn’t even been weaned!  Look at the size of her feet – she has little itty bitty baby hooves!  Instead of letting her be a baby, she’s being “fitted” and will soon be “sweated” so that her owners can make money off her ASAP.

(A little information on “fitting” and “sweating”, for those of you who’ve managed to remain blissfully unaware til now.  The first article details some of the risks and difficulties involved in fitting a weanling.)

Any responsible, experienced horse person knows that this horse is at a greater risk for health issues when she’s older than a baby who was actually allowed to do some growing up before being put to work.  A horse this young should not have so much stress placed on their developing muscles, tendons and bones!

She looks like a very sweet girl.  She also looks like she’s in pain.  What she should be doing is frolicking, like this baby!


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  1. Oh dear. If I were judging a halter class, I wouldn’t place this girl well – she’s got an upright shoulder, a less than ideal hip, sickle and cow hocks, and very upright pasterns (though I don’t know if that’s something youngsters grow out of). Why are they even trying to show the poor thing? Is this what’s winning right now?

    (If you’re taking suggestions for future posts, I’d love to see examples of great conformation at different ages. I know horses go in and out of proportion while they’re growing, but it’d be interesting to see what can be adequately judged between foaling and maturity.)

  2. Sad as it is… the stock horse halter champs look like her, just more muscled and perhaps even straighter legged. Check out these baby horses with 0 hock angle and super upright pasterns, and well… everything else!
    Performance horse halter is the only class that can take actual useable horses and judge their conformation. It sickens me personally….
    Good examples would be great, just hard to say what is actually good. Useable conformation won’t place in a halter class, and the halter champ won’t ride! Twisted right?!

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