Triple Threat Tuesday: Threat No 1

You know when you see a over-the-top movie with a huge actor but crap script and you just think to yourself, “where the fudge did the money go?” *cough* Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 3 *cough* (I’m still upset about that one).  Well that’s kind of what happened with today’s post.  We had this great masterpiece ready, or so we thought, and then when we did a final review we realized it stank worse than week old milk!  Obviously we couldn’t subject our wonder, amazing, beautiful and magnanimous (trying to butter y’all up a bit here, is it working?) to an inferior post so, and without further adieu, we present to you TRIPLE THREAT TUESDAY!

Threat Number 1: The Show Off

We’ve sorted this one into the “Tragically Humorous Falls” category, ’cause we figure that’s exactly where this is headed!

Side note: Plaid and checkers were never meant to meet!  If this was a snarky fashion blog, we’d have a week’s worth of material from this pic.


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  1. Hey, I’m still waiting to see that tragically humorous fall! 😀
    Also, will someone please teach that stupid girl how to dress…

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