Triple Threat Tuesday: Threat No 2

Threat Number 2: The Horny Bastard (aww crap, there we go again with the coarse language!)

Why is it that almost all men, upon learning that a woman rides horses, feel the need to ask the same question?

Oh sure it comes in many variations, unfortunately none of them very clever, but the double entendre is always the same.  We’re not even sure it deserves to be called a double entendre.  Double entendres are coy and flirtatious, skirting the boundaries of moral decency, bordering on the brink of impropriety.

Several years ago, when women everywhere had thought we had stolen this saying and made it ours (much like we did with “that’s what she said”) along came Big and Rich and their now infamous song “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”, propagating the idiocy and effectively CPR-ing it back to life.

So we propose one of two solutions: either we make good use of the man-berry shears we spoke of in a previous post and start gelding some cowboys 😉 OR we kick ’em in the nuts whenever men ask this question, thus ensuring women everywhere get to ride their horses in peace – because the men sure as hell don’t want to be ridden after either of those solutions!

Perhaps there’s a third, less violent way?  My mother suggests patting a mans knee while in soothing tones assuring him, “Of course dear, you’re a stud.”  And then turning over and going to sleep.

Threat eliminated!


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  1. Just tell them you like to feel the power between your legs or that you are so over the 8 second ride!

  2. haha the 8 second ride 😉

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