Triple Threat Tuesday: Threat No 3

The Show Off Alpha Male

Or, as we here at Snarky Rider like to call him, the King of the Douches!

A combination of threats 1 (the Show Off) and 2 (the Horny Bastard), the King of the Douches is king of this months Triple Threat.

Symptoms may include:

  • Steroidally large tubs of protein powder
  • spitting; because he can
  • closets containing multiple pairs of the exact same “skate shoe”
  • numerous toys including boats, ATV’s, jet skis, ski-dos, etc.
  • more time spent working out than with “loved” ones
  • using words like “bro” every other sentence (and/or pronouncing it “bra”)
  • enthusiastically confrontational in an attempt to prove his “manhood”

We advise extreme caution if you think you may have come in contact with the King of the Douches.  Remember, only you can stop the spread of extreme douchiness (by not procreating with it!).

Almost forgot to add the video!  We give you: threat number 3 on a steed! (and then off the steed… hehehe)

We love the comments the uploader included with the video.  He may have been having fun but the horse sure doesn’t seem to be!


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  1. My husband watched that over my shoulder and was cheering “Tree! Tree tree tree! Branch! Right there! Well, the ditch works too.” I think I may be rubbing off on him.

  2. haha That’s awesome!!! It would have been hilarious if that “rider” had been treed!

  3. LOL it’s Carrot Top on a horse!

  4. I’ve seen that video. what a retard! Too bad he didn’t get trampled too.

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