A week of whimsy!

Dear Snarky Rider readers;

Normally we like to present you with well researched and funny posts so that we can offer some information while making you laugh.  It brings joy to our typically black hearts.  However, we’re in a bit of a horsey jam this week and as such are unable to spend as much time as we normally would on each post.  Trust us, if it was anything other than helping out some horses that was taking our attention away from this blog we would rebel with all our might!

So we beseech you to not read this week’s posts too closely and just enjoy the whimsy they provide.  And rest assured we’ll be back to providing the splendiferous posts you’ve come to expect.


Dressage Empress and Jumper Girl

ps.  If anyone would like to step up to the plate and submit their own snarcastic writings please email us at!  We’d be happy to link to your blog as well.


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