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Posted on September 14, 2011, in Tragically Humorous Falls. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Follow the youtube links off the first vid to the grey that starts with “1ere” its pretty funny

  2. Video # 1 was pretty funny.

    Video # 2: That will most likely be me when I try to ride bareback for the first time.

    Video #3: Seen it before, the plastic bag pissed me off. I really don’t get the point of plastic bags on a stick…

  3. all funny videos and at least none of the horses were punished(whipped) for it like the girl on the mare a few posts back.Just need to learn how to ride better

  4. that poor pony with the gag bit pulled all the way back to her eyeballs. that must have felt great on her teeth. Yeah the plastic bags are dumb but it didn’t hurt her in any way and she didn’t seem to be fearful of it so I just kind of ignore stuff like that (we were all young and stupid once right?)

    • Well the mare was obviously not scared or hurt, but I still can’t get over the stick-on-a-plastic bag stupidity.

      Oh I am young when it comes to riding, only started riding 3 years ago, but I try my best not to be stupid around horses, mostly for the horse’s sake. Now if I could only learn to relax…

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