Om nom nom!

This just in from @ThisCharmingLeo on Twitter: Every time @MikeVick gets injured, a puppy gets a home. Oh, and I giggle with glee. #nolovefordogkillers #animalabuse

Seemed appropriate with today’s videos 😉


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  1. The true nature of pit bulls, revealed! (I’ve seen both of those videos before, but they’re just as funny the second time. What adorable animals.)

  2. I’ve seen the first video before, but I still go AWW every single time. I wonder what a Pit Bull tastes like? xD

    The second one is hilarious, the horse is all: “Hey, that’s my cone! Don´t you make me go over there…”

  3. Love these! My pit mix would be happy to have a horse to play with, but my horses are too ferocious!

  4. lol gotta watch out for those guard horses 😛

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