Dregs of the horse society

Good Gawd! The sick things that people find entertaining.  It is truly concerning that people can participate, actively or passively, in “events” such as these and enjoy the fear of animals.  Because that’s about this boils down to!  People sitting on their asses and watching petrified and panicked babies wheel and dash around a track.  I almost think the people watching are worse than those participating – at least those participating are likely motivated by money (keep in mind I said “almost” – they can all go to a special place in hell as far as I’m concerned).  What’s the motivation for the people in the stands?  Other than to see foals run around scared out of their minds?

It would not surprise me if these foals were traumatized for life in some fashion.  And the lucky few who escape unscathed, well they get to go home with the as*bleep*s that entered them in the “race” in the first place, really not that lucky after all.

I nominate, at minimum, all participants for King of the Douches status, with a side of man-berry shears.


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  1. I cant even make myself watch these types of videos anymore….It makes me sick how little compasion people these days have. People are numb to violence and abuse because the media and internate have made it ok. No one is responsible for their actions and the moment someone points a finger in their direction….all of a sudden..POOF they have rights and can do whatever the hell they please because if they cant…then someone is being bias. People dont teach respect for humans let alone animals anymore. This world is turning into a circus. My question is….in situations such as this one….who do you notify of the inhuman nature of the event? Not that it would matter anyway cause most people could care less about the animals.

  2. Well finally someone who agrees with me on that! I posted this on bad_riding and had a bunch of people saying it was okay because foals race each other and get hurt all the time in the pasture. WTF?? In the pasture no one is FORCING them to race! UGH!

  3. That’s not fun to watch, but I’m not seeing horrible terrible abuse here. They damn well better put up some netting to make those fences foal safe by next year, and I could do without the guy who smacks the foal to get up, but otherwise I don’t see how it’s so traumatizing to the foals. Perhaps I’m not reading their body language well – they look nervous to me, and I wouldn’t put my own foal in a show pen with that many strange noises and people without some serious desensitizing first – but I don’t see anything here that makes me want to crucify people.

    When it comes to rodeo related abuse, I think more of horse tripping and wild horse ‘races’. Here’s one that does make me look for the tar and feathers: A horse goes up and over inside a starting chute, doesn’t kill itself but easily could have. A human gets trampled. A horse is on the ground not moving at the end (condition unclear). It’s three minutes of solid chaos and humans trying to wrestle down unhandled horses. It’s a whole different ballpark than leading foals a hundred yards down a racetrack and having them sprint back to mommy.

    • Oh, I’ve seen that one. Did not feel sorry for the trampled human at all. I was mostly concerned for the horse that was lying down in the end.

      I agree the foal race is not horrible abuse but, come on, they’re just babies! What’s the need to put those babies in such a stressful and potentially dangerous situation? For sport? For money?

      • Showing an unprepared horse is stressful and potentially dangerous no matter what age they are. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with showing foals, as long as they’ve been introduced to show situations gradually enough to make it a good experience. The foals in this video pretty obviously weren’t, and the racetrack wasn’t prepared for them either. That’s where I think the problem is in that video.

        Yeah, I didn’t feel sorry for the trampled human, either. Especially since he’s one of the guys that helped flip that first horse.

  4. New punishment for any form of horse abuse: trampling. I think it’s pretty just.

  5. Seriously? Are you guys really getting that upset about THIS?

    The rodeo in the town I live in does the same thing. It’s a little less formal here, but pretty much the same anyway. It’s the dinnerbell handicap.

    It’s pretty harmless, especially as far as rodeo goes.

    I don’t see what people could possibly get SOOO upset about here.
    Sure, the foals are nervous or anxious. That’s gonna happen in any new situation, and unless you’re gonna leave them in the pasture at home for their whole lives they’re gonna have to deal with unfamiliar stimulus at some point in their life.
    Do people REALLY think the men are hurting them by slapping them on the butts? Those slaps wouldn’t even hurt ME, let alone a LARGE ANIMAL. I don’t in any way condone animal abuse or beating animals but this is CERTAINLY not abuse. If slapping a horse on the butt is abuse now, there are a LOT of innocent people you’re gonna have to go after…
    Regarding the foal who runs into the fence…ummm…yes. That poor foal was abused by someone who telepathically forced it to swerve and run into the fence. On one hand I’ll concede that if it had been a different type of fence it could have been less “dangerous,” but at the same time, a horse could run into a perfectly “horse-safe” fence and manage to get hurt. Which, by the way, I DON”T believe this foal did. The video makes a HUGE deal about it being hurt and nobody rushing to see if it’s alright…but seriously. look at it. It hopped right back up and trotted away. No cuts. No lameness. Completely unphased. Talk about overreaction of the YEAR.
    And as far as how “horrible” it is to get entertainment from watching the foals race and “MAKING” them race and all that “TERRIBLE” crap….are you KIDDING me? they walk the mares to the other end of the track and let the foals loose. They’re simply running back to their mommies. To the commenter who said it’s okay in the pasture cause nobody is FORCING them…Sooo have you ever RIDDEN a horse or LED a horse or HALTERED a horse or in ANY way compelled a horse to do ANYTHING? then you are just as guilty. Cause, sure, the horse trots around in the pasture but IN THE PASTURE NOBODY’S *FORCING* IT TO TROT AND WHEN YOU’RE RIDING IT YOU’RE *FORCING* IT! OMG ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously, people need to chill…it’s absolutely ridiculous to get so worked up over this video…

    • I love that this response is longer than the actual blog post! We didn’t put the video together; I (Jumper Girl) actually agree that the commentary is over the top to the point of detracting from the message. You’ll also notice we didn’t make a huge deal about the the butt-slapping or the supposed injury.

      Why it was featured, and what we find so disturbing about it, is that it’s a group of people scaring animals for no purpose other than their entertainment. That’s pretty twisted. The fact that they didn’t bother to take any steps to make the venue foal-safe first is just icing on the cake.

  6. My first thought of this clip was this it must be intended for the general public and not horsey people….all the “poor baby horses”.

    I don’t think foal racing is particularly tasteful, but I didn’t see anything that was outrageous. The smack across the rump of the foal would hurt far less than one of those riders who jabs their horse in the mouth with a strong gag bit, it’s just an easier target to uneducated viewers.

  7. OK…..let me put this in perspective for all you people out there who feel that using animals for monetary gain is ok despite the harm that comes to them. Maybe we should take our toddlers who are just learning to walk and use them for monetary gain. Lets first stand them up (but if they fall we can just smack them until they comply with our demands) then lets have mom stand on the other side of the track and watch as they try and make their way to the other end. If one or two happen to smack their heads off a fence or get trampled by the other toddlers…its ok…”their alright”. Bullsh**. Yeah smacking a horse’s ass is like smacking someone’s hand but we don’t go around smacking our children for sport. I don’t think the foal was terribly hurt in this event either but it was scared none the less. I’ve been around people who have kicked horses and wacked them with whips and didn’t exactly agree with that either but the horses weren’t foals. I’ve seen plenty of rodeo’s where horses and bulls have been hurt at the gain of the dumbasses who run them. I dont agree with them either. I also dont agree with horse racing, some of the extreme jumping competitions and a few others because they push the animals to the extreme just to win money. It’s not right. Animals were meant for food and companionship..not to be used up and thrown away at the expense of making a profit. And yes… you can blah blah blah to me all day long about how they train for the events and the animals are kept in great physical condition but thats not to say that the animal can’t still get hurt or even killed during the event. I’m not stupid…I can read. You can all think what you want but at least I’m not a heartless person.

    • It’s been happening for years. “Animals were meant for food and companionship..not to be used up and thrown away at the expense of making a profit.”
      Up until the early twentieth century, horses worldwide were used for WORK. In parts of the world even now, a horse is not a pet. Same goes for donkeys, who are still used for commerical purposes in a wide range of countries, including the UK (seaside donkey rides) and Greece (pack work)
      It is dillusional to think that horses will not be used for profit or commerical ventures. All we can hope is that they are well treated whilst being so. My daughter’s shetland has won $5 and $10 money prizes in the show ring, so theoretically he is being ‘used’ to earn money (if you don’t take into account the cost of upkeeping a horse!). Is he well treated, yes. Would he prefer to stand in the paddock grazing all day instead of being floated and washed and made to stand in line at the show? Definately. However, I’m the master, the alpha; and therefore he does what I want him to do. As long as this is safe and does not harm him I see nothing wrong with this.

      People do use toddlers for commericalism and fame, look at child modelling.

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