Riding a horse should not feel like you’re falling down a steep incline

“This is a a beautiful filly. She has excellent conformation and a beautiful head and nice hooked ears. she is sweet as she can be. i keep her up in the banr and handle her every day adn she is calm and very easy to handle she loves people . she will lead, load, tie, clip, bath, and crosstie. she has had her feet trimmed. she is up to date on her shots and wormings. she travels the best on a lead rope she is very natural saddle horse she is not pacey or trotty. she would make a great colt to show in halter. she is registered tennessee she was foaled june 16th 2010 she will mature out 15.1.I do not know of any faults to this filly she is very nice. ALL SALES ARE CASH SORRY NO TRADES .WILL HOLD FOR A DEPOSIT TILL YOU CAN COME PICK HER UP . I can help you loaceta shipper if you need. ###-###-#### “

Wooo! I'm uphill! I'm uphill! - no really, I'm halfway up a hill.Don't take the photo yet! I need to limber up my hind end! And streeeetch

Maybe I’m just grumpy because it’s stupid early, but the ad is screaming “I’m a douche!”.  They are clearly posing the horse to stand its front feet on an elevated road.  CLEARLY! It’s not even subtle manipulation to make the horse look uphill.  If I were a potential purchaser I wouldn’t even give that horse a second look – seriously, I’d be off that ad and on to a new one in the 5 seconds it took my brain to identify what was going on (like I said: sleepy!).  Sale photos like this make me immediately wonder what else is wrong with that horse.  I also automatically assume it’s built so downhill you need some sort of climbing rope and carabiner system to keep yourself from sliding over its head!

OMFG someone get them a dictionary so they can learn how to spell!  People! It’s called SPELLCHECK and comes readily available WITH EVERY COMPUTER! You used a computer to place the ad, you should have the requisite number of brain cells to ask your computer to pretty please check for spelling errors.

Drum roll please!

And now for the piece de resistance: “she would make a great colt to show in halter”

Will she now?  She will automatically become a colt in order to show in halter?  Well that is impressive!  Because, as I’m sure you already know, only colts can show in halter! *drip. drip. drip* -the sound of my sarcasm dripping from that sentence.

-hey look, so much sarcasm dripped from that sentence, a puddle formed!


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  1. Aaack. Being downhill isn’t really a flaw in a yearling, and she looks like she might be a nice horse. They even put in the effort to clean her up and take good pictures. But then they can’t use spell check? And no matter how nice she is, I don’t want to buy a horse from someone who’s so obviously trying to hide flaws. What else is he lying about?

    Is it possibly the norm for some breeds to present yearlings like this so you can better visualize what they’ll look like once they level out? I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, but that doesn’t mean much.

    (Was I the only one who read “I can help you loaceta shipper” as “I can help you lactate a shipper”? That was an unpleasant mental image at 9 in the morning.)

  2. Chances are she is a Spotted TWH. They stand them like that. It’s how they show(parked out) conformation, not every discipline stands “square”. So please keep that in mind. Is she perfect no, yes she is standing up a tiny hill and is only just level so yes she is built downhill. Not to the extreme you are thinking though.

    • We know they stand Walkers/Saddlebreds/etc so their hind legs are in a different zip code. We think it looks silly, but to each their own. We even know that she`s a yearling and as such wouldn`t fault her for being slightly downhill.

      But standing her on an obvious slant to try and hide it just makes the seller look bad! We`re being snarky about the AD, not the filly!

  3. She’s actually kind of cute. I think when they said she would make a nice colt, they meant if you wanted to breed her. But she’s a freaking yearling, so that’s kind of in the distant future…

  4. I believe they have her standing l like that to show what she would look like once she has pads on for big lick. Look at the conformation pics for big lick horses and that is exactly how they stand up.
    Many ranchers and older breeders call any foal a colt, regardless of sex. Some people just consider it an interchangeable word with foal 🙂

  5. “She will automatically become a colt in order to show in halter?” ROTFLMFAO!

    Ok… I need a deep breath…

    She actually looks very nice, her back looks a bit long but maybe that’s because they’re making her stand to look like she’s a Hackney? I’m not even that knowledgeable on conformation but that shot immediately made me think of this:

    And wth do they mean by she’s not pacey or trotty?

    Not even going to go into the trying to make her look uphill part. Well, at least here’s not a helmetless 2 year old siting on her back so there may be hope for her yet…

    • She’s “registered tennessee”, which we think means Tenessee Walker, which would explain the stretched out pose. Not pacey or trotty would mean she does a correct running walk.

      “here’s not a helmetless 2 year old siting on her back so there may be hope for her yet…” Too funny! But so true…

      • Oh TWH’s are supposed to look like that? I’m not too familiar with gaited horses but I am familiar with the methods that are used to exaggerate those gaits at horse shows. Makes me sick even to think about it.

        Seriously now, it’s kind of refreshing to see an add for a yearling that isn’t being ridden by some helmetless kid or adult with baby on top and is not a conformational train wreck.

  6. You are cracking me up!! *LOL*

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