Find the Quarter Horse!

We thought we’d do something a little fun today given that this week has been kind of serious what with starvation and TWH “trainers”.  So now, without further adieu, today’s contest: Find the Quarter Horse!  Make your guesses in the comments section and we’ll post the answers a little later!

Great horse for an intermediate rider 13 and older. She is gentle and has a sweet personality. She would be good for western pleasure and trail rides or just a companion. She even goes through water and enjoys playing in it. She is up to date on shots and shoes. Pictures do not do her justice. ###-###-####

I hope the pictures don’t do her justice because they sure as hell aren’t doing her any favors!


12 year old palomino pony for sale. … is stout with big bone and feet.  He can carry a man with no problem. He side passes and will open gates. He has been rode all over the sierra foothills, goes through water and over bridges. He is a great trail horse and will keep up with the big horses. Trailers, ties, clips, bathes and is good for farrier and vet. Current on trims, worming and shots. He would also make a great gymkhana or English prospect. He really likes to move out and is patterned on barrels and poles already. No buck, rear or bolt. Come out and ride him.

I’m not sure they understand what “flashy” means…


Jared is a great …  stallion that anybody can easily handle. He has been a part of our farm and we have kept several of his offspring. He has produced various colors, including chestnut and palomino pintos, and true blacks. He is being offered for sale as part of our herd reduction. He is a National Top Ten Stallion, with amazing action, and personality. Call for more info.

Because the only skill a stud should really have is consistently passing on different colors…


Izzy is a 5 YO beautiful and balanced … who is currently in training and has 60 days under saddle. She is a dark bay, with a small star and currently stands … . Being incredibly friendly, she enjoys having lots of human interaction and affection.

Good thing she’s working now – gotta get rid of that hay belly 😉


Monty is a lovely horse with loads of personality. …. Fantastic mover with stunning good looks. Easy keeper, sound, excellent ground manners, self-loads in trailer. Challenging ride, but tons of fun! Needs confident and skilled rider.

Bonus points if you guess the breeds of the other horses.  Remember, only 1 is a Quarter Horse!


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  1. Is the picture of Jared actually a picture of his reflection in one of those funky mirrors you get at fairgrounds? The ones that make your head and neck look really short and everything else too big?

  2. In order of appearance, QH, POA, MINI, TB, PAINT.

  3. Jared is scaring me – I hope that’s a mini, I can’t imagine a full size horse looking like that. I wouldn’t breed anything that looks like that anyway, but I’ve long since stopped trying to fathom the minds of mini breeders. Is he an example of dwarfism? (The only top ten I’d put him on is the list for the gelding bus!)

    You’ve mostly picked horse shaped horses. Izzy doesn’t look like a stock type horse but could be nearly anything else, the palomino pony could be absolutely anything, and I’d guess the other two are stock types, drafts, or a cross thereof. Hawk also looks like he’s about to deliver twins any day now.

    If I click on the pictures, the URL that they’re stored under gives it away. You should probably name them something non-committal when you’re downloading the original photos next time. 🙂

  4. LOL yup so that’s changed now! No more breeds in the pic URLs! And the last horse has been replaced – JG has shown me the errors of my ways 🙂

  5. I’d say:

    Draft cross
    Minimal Paint

  6. #1 Dapple grey is the QH
    #2 The palomino sabino is a TWH/Quarter pony cross
    #3 Black tobiano is a Mini
    #4 Bay is a Conemara
    # 5 Chestnut is an Arabian or NSH

    Those are my guesses, anyway.

  7. I am not good at guessing breeds, even when presented with proper specimens.

    But I do have one question: wtf is that black stallion? And why, oh why, is he still a stallion?
    (ok that’s 2 questions, sorry, my bad)

  8. QH, Paint pony X, Mini, Morgan, TB.

  9. i guess the Izzy mare is the QH and I hope that stallion(should be gelding) is a mini

  10. Time for the answers! To everyone who identified the QH as horse #1 – congratulations!
    As for the rest of them:
    #2’s owners aren’t sure of his breed but suspect Morgan – I’m not sure what they suspect the Morgan of, maybe watching while two other breeds listened to Marvin Gaye and got “it on”
    #3 – Yes, he’s a mini. I included him for funzies 😉
    #4 – Is actually an Irish Sport Horse A little on the obscure side, but I included her because she looked so damn QH-y
    #5 – For those of you who saw the original horse we had up, he was a 17hh Draft x Paint. The new #5 is a Thoroughbred.

    Thanks for playing! Hope y’all enjoyed it 😀

    • Are there any conformational standards for minis at all? Because every picture I see of a mini seems to be completely different from the others.

      To be honest, I really don’t understand the need to breed minis at all. Just like i don’t get the need to breed dogs that can fit in your purse… If you want a pocket sized pony that can actually carry something other than a 3 year old baby, why not get a Shetland instead?

  11. Monica . . .I have gottan to get to know a bit about Mini’s as at the Horse Expo every year the little mutants are stalled accross from our group. There is no Conformationsal guide in general to mini’s as they are not considered a pony breed . . .but a miniture representation of the horse breeds . . .what does this mean????? Mini world is a confusing world, they are like people who like horses but want a dog.

    EX; A mini with fine bones, dishy face, longer back is said to be judged as a miniture arab . . .ect.
    So it really depends on what they look like to what they compare them to conformationally; QH, TB, Arab traits are the most common in the ‘show minis’, as far as the “back yard” minis that appear to be like little drafty haybelly type ponies . . .dont know 🙂

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