Your feet shouldn’t drag on the ground

There are three incredibly wrong things with this ad! (Aside from the grammar. Which is atrocious.)

“this little boy is only 2 years old. He is white and chestnut colour, lives out at the moment. Loves attention and his apples! Selling dinky therefore no-one is able to look after him anymore so needs someone who will pay him lots of attention,need to get rid of him quick therefor daughter is getting a bigger horse, text me if interested”

1. Two years old is pretty young to be started…

2. …especially by someone who is almost as big as the pony! The girls feet are dragging on the ground!

3. Kids should always wear a helmet, no matter how tall or small a horse is. If it’s good enough for a dog, it’s good enough for you, my dear.

Wait, found one more issue… WTF is with that bridle? We understand that it can be hard to fit one to fit a Shetland, but when the bit is half hanging in his mouth, you didn’t do a good enough job!This video was shared in the comments section and we felt it had to be added to the post!



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  1. No no… you guys got this on all wrong!! This isn’t really a “Horse for Sale” ad, it is the newest ride-on toy from Playskool! It is a limited edition, life like stuffed pony that you propel by bouncing and pushing off with your feet! I believe this is the original, but the “New and improved, deluxe version” now has fur and an ill-fitting bridle accessory package! Just wait, this will be the next big toy at christmas! Furbies and Tickle-Me-Elmos will have nothing on this!

  2. Agreed, agreed, AGREED !

  3. I thought it was a brother to Marvel the Mustang. Notice the leg length ratio to rider size is close.

    I had one. Yeah, I’m old.

  4. While I agree that 2 years old is too young to be started, Shetlands are sturdy enough to handle the weight of someone twice their height. Does it look kinda stupid? Hell yeah, but they can carry a grown man/woman with no problems.

    Of course the people in the pic above are ALL wearing helmets.

    Now that bridle… WTF?? Seriously?? Did they just get a regular bit and bridle and decide to stick it on a Shetland’s head? Come on, it’s not THAT hard to find proper tack for a pony!


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