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It’s that time of the year again.  The leaves are falling, the day is shorter and the temperature is heading towards the dreaded zero.  It’s at this time that the cute little woodland critters go into hibernation.  We wish this stud would go into hibernation too!

This horse was found advertised as a stud and sent to us by a concerned (read amused) reader.

Apparently this talented stud “is stamping his foals with his gorgeous head.”  Hide your nuts, there’s more chipmunks coming!  Ladies and gentlemen, please have your boarding passes ready as we are now boarding the direct flight to Geldingtopia!

The owners of this amazing stud are also selling this beautiful filly (on who “has alot of eye appeal”.  Hopefully their bastardization of the English language goes beyond “alot” and instead of “appeal” they mean “a peel” – as in “I’m gonna go a peel that horrible image from my eyes” (said with a redneck twang, please).

My (DE) first comment upon seeing this filly’s neck went something along the lines of “oh good gawd, what’s wrong with her neck?!”  Seriously, it looks like this baby was hitting the gym with Mr. I Have a Small Peep Body Builder (but his friends call him Ranger ‘Roid).  To which JG gave me a withering stare and not-so-gently reminded me of the ever popular “fitting” and “sweating” techniques.  She had kindly linked to these in our previous post “It’s Just a Baby!” and which can, once again, be viewed here and here.

ps. We realize this filly is currently bum-high but if you look closely and draw a line from her hocks to her knees – she’s most likely going to have a downhill build even when she’s full grown.  Yet another example of humans gradually, and successfully, breeding away the useful characteristics of these once beautiful, working horses.

Bad breeders:

You just got lolcatz’d


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  1. Frightening! Hope the gelding bus will be picking him up soon! For more on the dreadful Alot:

  2. Holly crap! HYPP much?? Geez…

    The mare is so pityful it almost makes me want to cry. Did her front end just stop growing at some point or is this a survivor from Dr. Moreau’s island? Shakes head in dismay…

  3. That stud is the most knock-kneed animal I have ever seen. Of any species. And I hang out on the Fugly blog, so that is saying something.

    I think the Alot of Eye Appeal has long, silky blond hair. Kind of like a gigantic Golden Retriever. Her first cousin the Alot of Sex Appeal…. well, I’ll let your imagination handle that one!

  4. I think you need a good close up of that stud’s cheeks, you can’t see them well enough in the smaller picture 🙂

  5. I don’t like the way that filly is standing. She looks like the poster child for We Don’t Know How To Feed A Baby And Fucked It Up But Good.

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