Get me mah shears!

I was looking for sale ads the other day for free horses – the idea was to post a few free ads of decent horses with an outrageously priced sale ad and see if anyone could guess which was the horse owned by the people with their heads shoved up their ass.  I may still do that but, for now, I’m stuck on the following sale ad brought to us by the letter “e” for

Horse Name Showstopper
Price FREE
Location Liberty, Kentucky
Breed(s) Half-Arabian
Sex Stallion
Height 15.0 hands
Color Pinto
Foal Date May 2008
Markings Chestnut Tobiano
Registrations IAHA – Half-Arabian Horse Association ()
Temperament 5 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)

“Show is a beautifully marked tall and elegant 3 year old colt. Very well bred with both sire and dam exhibiting classic Arabian type- liquid eyes, typey heads, beautiful necks and a wonderful laid back shoulder that make them a dream to ride. If this colt were “perfect”, he’d be pricey.
Show was born with oddly shaped back feet. My goal is to place him in a wonderful home with access to a talented farrier with the ability to work with him on a regular schedule to try to bring him to as close to “normal” as possible.
If you’re looking for a really neat horse and you’re willing to take the time to work with his feet, please contact me. Please note that I will require a contract and references – I have 3 years invested in him and do not want any harm to come to him.
If you are under the age of eighteen, please make sure you have parental permission before contacting me. They will need to provide references on your behalf.
Will add new photos as soon as the weather clears.
Thanks. “

Step right up! That’s right! It’s a deal of a lifetime! You (yes YOU!) can own your very own half-Arabian x Pinto stallion!  From now on everywhere you go people will whisper in awe, “what the fraggle rock was she thinking?”.  [aside: if you follow us on Twitter you’ll get the fraggle rock comment 😉 ]

Oh, sorry, that’s my bad, I spelled “aww” wrong above – please go ahead and mentally fix that.  Thanks.

WHO THE F*#% – errr, I mean, FRAGGLE ROCK – wants a STUD with fraggled up hind feet?

And I’m sorry but you have “3 years invested in him”? You can’t even afford to properly care for your horse! What exactly have you invested?  The horse is in need of corrective farrier-ing and … hmm what was that other thing he needed? Hold on, let me think.  Oh that’s right: GELDING!! Methinks you should cut your losses and accept the fact that he should NOT be bred and should be given to someone who will love him for the jumbled up mess he and his “oddly shaped” bad feet are.  This is of course is assuming that the seller “invested” some time and did some basic training with him.  We can only hope.

Moral of the story: Don’t try to pawn your mistakes off on other people and if you’re going to breed horses, at LEAST make sure you can properly care for them!

Sorry, guess I should have said “morals of the story”


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  1. Um, pardon my ignorance, but do you really need a super speshul farrier to fix a horse’s bad feet problem? Or did they mean talented farrier as opposed to trying to trim the feet themselves and making a hell of a mess because they were too cheap to hire an actual farrier?

  2. if he were closer, I’d take him, geld him and fix his feet and put him in training.

  3. Ooooh. The pictures are from 2009. That’s why he looks like a weanling. I was trying to wrap my head around the idea of a three year old stud looking like that. It hurt.

    It still hurts that they a) haven’t gelded him yet and b) apparently haven’t been able to get his hooves in decent shape yet either. Taking care of the deformed ones is part of breeding, folks. I wonder how he looks now, and why they’re not showing us current pictures.

  4. I wish they’d shown pics of his “oddly shaped” feet. What does that even MEAN?! I can’ t tell anything from the pics they’ve shown. From those, he looks like a rather flashy, pretty, (gelding) showhorse prospect. How do I know if I even want to come see him in person, if I don’t know what I might be getting myself into? Dolts.

  5. I think I found him in the Datasource. If I am right, his name is Broadway Showstopper (4A370144). He’s owned by Terri Simpson of Yosemite, KY. It shows 35 horses owned and 25 bred, but it’s possible some may be deceased, or sold and the papers weren’t transferred.

    Sire: On Broadway
    He has 20 registered offspring and is by a Bask son out of a Khemosabi++++// daughter. So some nice lines there. He is 27 if still alive and owned by the colt’s owner.

    Dam: Rebel Tikka Star
    She is tobiano, has three registered get, and her sire is a Tuhotmos grandson. She is 21 if still alive and Terri sold her in Sept. 2008 when Showstopper was four months old (probably weaning time).

    I give Terri credit for registering these horses–sadly, many breeders do not. Especially if the resulting foal has an imperfection. The fact he’s registered means if his hoof issues can be overcome or worked with, someone like Teresea (in a moment of insanity) could take him on and show at Half-Arabian and Pinto events.

    • hehe well it helps that I do all my own barefoot care. I’d give him a shot at least. I wouldn’t show in half Arab or Pinto events though, I’ve sworn off all breed shows. But I’d make him sound and give him a skill and then find him a home.

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