(the mating call of the yak… of course)


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  1. The thing of it is the real yak actually has better conformation than the mini. The mini’s head is longer than it’s legs, where the yak’s head is quite refined. The mini’s neck is practically nonexistent, whereas the yak may have a good length of neck, you can’t tell because it’s head is turned. Poor little misshapen mini thing. I have a fugly little mini that I rescued that actually was used at stud before I got him. What were they thinking?

  2. Ugh. There was a huge discussion of dwarfism in Minis on a forum some months ago — this poor creature is a poster child.

  3. Please tell me that the picture of the mini is horizontally compressed, or at least bending its back end away from the camera. It’s not physically possible for its head to be larger than its hind quarters, is it?

    • Apparently it is… *SIGH*

      This is why I don’t like minis. It’s not bad enough that people want to breed horses the size of dogs, then you actually end up with these Frankendwarves…

  4. The qualities people breed into so many domestic animals are unconscionable.

  5. how much hay does one little horse with an absurdly large head need anyway? Agreed on not understanding the mini’s. Why?

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