An open letter to a cl seller.

I have three horses for sale one is white with huskey blue eyes one is plain black and one is brown with white on its face. the white one is 14.3 hands the plain black one is 14.1 hands and the brown one with white on its face is 16 hands…..these horses are all mares you can ride them they are very friendly loves to b babied ……the white horse ,her name is beauty she is a albino horse with sky blue eyes she is a rare horse im selling her for 600.00 the brown horse with white on her nose her name is harley she loves to ride she is a walking /racking im asking 500.00 for her …the dark brown horse is a quarter horse she is very good but blind in one eye but also very good … asking 300 .00 for her ..the only reason we are selling these horses is because we are not going to have any where to put them we love them very much..if interested plz call and ask for sheryl ### ### #### these horses are located in new market tn


Hi Sheryl!

Just saw your ad on craigslist and wanted to offer a few friendly tips.

For starters, an ellipsis is composed of three periods… just like that! I notice that while you attempted to use this form of punctuation several times, you were only successful in this regard once. A sticky period key perhaps? As an alternative, have you considered actually ending the occasional sentence? It may sound crazy, but I assure it’s quite a common literary device! This would require you to learn to use the shift key, since the classic way to start a new sentence is with a capitalized letter. I hope I’m not overwhelming you here!

Once you’ve mastered sentences, we’ll move on to paragraphs (and perhaps even correct grammar!), but I think we can leave that for now.

As far as the horses are concerned, you’re right in that an albino horse would be really rare. This is because true albinism has never been documented in horses. The “white” horse you have pictured appears to actually be a perlino. The blue eyes and slightly yellowish mane and lower legs are a bit of a giveaway! While perlinos are certainly less common than say, bays, it’s not that difficult to find them.

Look, here are a couple!

It’s also not something that makes them more valuable, except to a small degree for breeding stock.  And from what little I can see of your horse, I suspect she’s not breeding quality (unfortunately the other two aren’t either, for all that they are advertised as such!).  Have you considered using sale photos that actually show the horses’ conformation or movement?  That can be very useful for a buyer.  Your pics give a better view of the girl’s (your daughter?) legs than the horses!

Finally, when selling horses, listing things like age, breed and level of training is generally considered a good idea.

Hope this was helpful!


Snarky Rider

ps. Way to teach your kids that horses are disposable and should be dumped as soon as they’re inconvenient.  A very valuble lesson, I’m sure.


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  1. Word!

    Now I’ve heard many people calling white horses instead of grey, albinos instead of perlinos or cremellos (because they have no idea that albinos don’t really exist), brown instead of bay and so on. But these are all people who have never owned horses! Also, you’d think someone who owns horses would take the trouble to get to know what their breed is (only the “brown horse with white on her nose” is told to be a Quarter Horse, though it’s pretty impossible to tell for sure when all you can see is her head)! Are these people trying to hide some hideous flaws or are they actually too dumb to know how to make a sales photo? I’d vote on the second one.

    But hey, at least they know they’re all mares. Kudos to them! \end rant.

  2. We HOPE they know they’re all mares, you never know… there was the ad of the lovely young mare that was a photo of a gelding.
    I hear brown referred to a lot even by some breeders… WTH is that about??? I love that you guys get the same humor about the CL ads as I do… I’ll be sure and alert you to any that I find from our area so you can post them. People selling red duns as buckskins etc. 😛 People that obviously have no business owning horses for that matter!

    • Well, in Europe bay horses are generally called brown, no matter what shade of brown they might be. But since this is an American add, I’m assuming these people didn’t even know a damn thing about horse coats, since they don’t even know that the white on the mare’s face is called a blaze.

    • We love it when people send us terrible ads – keep ’em coming!

  3. I’m terribly distracted by the fact that the girl at the lower left seems to have forgotten her pants. And I am sure there are a lot of places to “put” horses in Tennessee…you just may have to actually PAY for it. I know, I know, so haaaard.

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