A plethora of perlinos

I found these ads while searching for examples of perlinos for Sheryl’s letter.  I was going to include them in that post, then decided they deserved to be featured on their own!  There’s so much to comment on with this first horse, I just added my thoughts in blue throughout the ad text.

His first 2 incredible foals were double dilutes out of single dilute mares but we just got lucky! Since most people breed to double dilutes in order to get palominos and buckskins, AKA single dilutes, I wouldn’t consider that lucky. We only began breeding him at the age of 5 because I wanted him mentally mature before I introduced him to any mares. Responsible breeders wait so that they can make sure the stallion is successful in some sort of performance discipline first, but I guess anything that keeps this guy from reproducing in any way, shape or form is a good thing! He is still very well mannered and he shares a common fence reinforced with hot wire, with a mare and her colt. Good idea, brag about your improper breeding facilities.

He is a 7 yr old AQHA Reg’d; 91.40625% Foundation Quarter Horse stallion. He is a very QUIET, MILD MANNERED, stallion with plenty of get up and go when it is asked of him and he has some very catty moves for a stallion his size. He is not trained to go under saddle yet but has worn one and has been backed in the round pen several times.  So they obviously weren’t waiting to breed him in order to have him prove himself as a riding horse or in the show ring first!  And if he’s not ridden, what do they mean by “catty moves” and “get up and go”?  Is he really good at spinning around and running away from them in the pasture?  Or does he scratch the furniture? He will pasture breed but probably should not be difficult to teach to hand breed.  How shocking that he will pasture breed. That’s a very hard skill to teach to a stallion! Congratulations!  What an incredible achievement! He is also easy to catch, halter, groom and load. He’s a VERY easy keeper!  Obviously. Look at that belly! Height is measured barefoot at 15.2h to 15.3h depending on the ground he is standing on. WTF? Are they seriously saying he grows and shrinks depending on where he’s standing?  Maybe that’s why he’s such a valuable stallion! If he passes on the ability to grow and shrink to his foals who knows what they’d be worth! He weighs about 1300 lbs and is all muscle. How? He’s not even started under saddle!  By the way, if you poke it and it shakes like Homer Simpson’s belly, it’s not muscle.  His first foals, also mild mannered, are measuring 13.2h at 12 months, out of 14h and 14.2h mares.

Good gawd.  They then proceeded to talk for approximately three paragraphs about the DNA testing they’ve done and the various krazy kolors his foals will be.  Guaranteed!

Allow us to sum up: he’s 7 years old,  isn’t broke to ride, but already has foals on the ground!  Where are your priorities people?  Out of curiosity, I went to the description of the breeding ranch that owns him.  Under Specialized Disciplines they listed Two Eyed Jack, Watch joe Jack, Perlino, Cremello, Dun, Quarab, Golden Caantender, Dunalino, Dunskin, Buckskin dun, Thee Desperado, Alidaar, Arkansas.  None of which are actually disciplines.  I’m feeling the need to beat my head against the wall.


On the same website, we found the next ad.

Stunning perlino tobiano yearling colt, this colt has it all, looks the gait, color and conformation, he could possibly do it all.



Here we have not one, but two trendy colored babies that the seller is willing to give away for hay.  When are people going to learn that fancy colors alone do not make a horse valuable?   Or that just because a horse is perlino/cremello/homozygous tobiano does not automatically make it breeding quality?

Interestingly enough, they’ll also trade these two special fancy colored foals for one trail broke gelding, no crazy color necessary.  Because the one thing that does add value to a horse is trainingIt’s just amazing how few people get that.  So amazing, in fact, it makes us do this:


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  1. ugliest things on 4 legs in my opinion. Horses need eyeliner without it they look like bug eyed rats.

  2. Thank gawd someone said it before me! I am super creeped out by albino looking animals.. Granted the little pink horses don’t have red eyes – but they might as well!

  3. Wow. I love double diluted (i have a weak spot for them after buying a cremello filly), but wow, these people are nuts. The colour does not make the horse!!

  4. OMFG! The first add made me laugh so hard I almost cried!
    “Height is measured barefoot at 15.2h to 15.3h depending on the ground he is standing on. WTF? Are they seriously saying he grows and shrinks depending on where he’s standing?” – Priceless!
    Definitely NOT stallion material but, you know, he might not make such a bad gelding if had actually bothered to put some muscle into him. Of course that would involve – GASP! – actually working with him.

    The second add is just sad. So those too babies are so valuable that they would trade them for hay? Wow, just wow…

  5. “How shocking that he will pasture breed. That’s a very hard skill to teach to a stallion! Congratulations! What an incredible achievement!”

    LOL. But hey, he was five. My VLC got loose when he was TWO* and knocked up not one but TWO mares in a single night. He must be a GENIUS!

    *Yes, this is BEFORE I owned him…I never put him out on hot tape only!


  6. haha Cathy! I have the opposite of your stallion… My daughter’s pony literally BREAKS down fences to get to a stallion on the property if she is in heat!!!! I’ve never seen a mare so desperate, We stall her when she comes into heat, we’ve learned our lesson!

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