Mountain Horse?

For today’s doppelganger, we’re fairly certain this little guys mommy had an illicit interspecies affair!  Too bad daddy didn’t pass on his hind legs – extreme cow hocks much?  Although that’s kinda the least of his issues!



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  1. That is the weirdest-looking thing I’ve ever seen. Great Goddess, how does it even WALK?!

  2. I love this little pony! There was an article posted about how they have to have a sign saying ‘no, this pony isn’t stuck in the ground, he’s just got very short legs.’ XD

  3. Kathy Lamprecht

    This is a dwarf Miniature Horse, a genetic mistake caused by a recessive gene that must be carried by the mare and the stallion and cannot currently be tested for. They’re known for having deformed legs and dental problems plus other problems, but are extremely intelligent and have wonderful personalities.

  4. Yea, I’m voting for inter-species affair too. Poor, er, furry goat-like dwarf.

  5. And not even a fraction of the sure-footedness I’d imagine. Good lord look at those cow hocks!

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