Has everyone heard of Grace?

This blog wasn’t around when the saga of Grace began, but FHOTD had an excellent post about it.

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs took her in, managed to get her fat (!) and cared for her until her death this past July.  RIP Grace!  The case trial is ongoing, but sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 24th.  You can read details of the trial here on their fb page.

Darla of SMM and the DA involved in the case are appealing for help from the general public.  No, not money!  They just want letters and statements from as many people as possible with their input on the definition of neglect, suitable sentencing, etc.

If you have some spare time to send an email or write a letter, it would be greatly appreciated.


DDA Jamie Carmichael

Douglas County District Attorney’s Office

1036 SE Douglas

Roseburg Oregon 97470

Thank you!


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  1. I learned about Grace’s story through the Fugly blog. After seen the amazing job Darla had done, I even made a small donation to Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, and that’s something I don’t do very often. I was sad to hear about her death, but at least she was happy for the last few months of her life. RIP Grace.

    I have some suggestions on suitable sentencing, but I don’t think they would be accepted in court (a good old witch burning comes to mind, among other things). If I can control myself to make a reasonable, non-rant e-mail, do you think the opinion of a Portuguese horse lover would make any difference?

  2. I think that the more letters or e-mails they get to share with the judge the harsher the sentence will be. I sent Darla my e-mail. I know how hard it can be to control you emotions, but do this for Grace, she deserves to see these two monsters in jail for what they have done to her.

  3. My email just asked that a message be send to other negligent owners via a stiff sentence that should include significant jail time (that is actually SERVED), a huge fine, prohibition against owning animals of ANY kind – and public service thrown in for good measure.

    It is the VOLUME of letters and emails that attach importance to this case. The message doesn’t have to be perfect – they just need to know that a LOT of people are expecting real justice and not a slap on the wrist. You can express your outrage – but a polite letter that asks for justice will work fine. Just write it! Darla forwarded my email and got back to me right away telling me she did. (Although, I hope she gets so many letters/emails that she doesn’t have TIME to email each of them back). Let’s face it, she’s done more than her share – now it us up to the rest of us that followed this drama. Just do it, please.

  4. As Deb said, “just do it”. I also attached Grace’s story to my FB account and asked that all my friends send in e-mails. Darla also got right back to me letting me know whe forwarded my e-mail to the DDA.

    I had a hard time writing my letter and what crying while writing, but I knew it was important to not sound vengfull (sp) or spitefull. I did however include what my 9 year old daughter said after seeing me crying when Grace died. I hope that also shows the judge that it isn’t only us adults, but it is children to that were effected by this story.

  5. Done. I hope that my e-mail can at least show the jury that Grace’s story has reached way beyond the U.S. borders

    Damn, now i got all teary-eyed…

  6. Every bit will help. Thanks Monica. Grace thanks you also : )

  7. You guys are awesome! Thank you!

    • No, Darla, YOU, are awesome! Animal lovers and, especially, horse lovers all over the world are grateful for what you’ve done and continue to do for our noble companions.

    • You are the awesome one Darla! All you have done for Grace and all the other horses you have saved does not go unappreciated.

  8. I have that photo on my phone – Grace has come up in conversation so many times and describing the condition she was in just doesn’t work, so when someone asks about her I always show them that picture.

    I couldn’t believe she died. She was such a fighter and I was very sad to hear it.

    You’ve won an award on my blog ( – I really enjoy reading snarkyrider (I found your link through fugly a while back), but I’m not a follower because I’m with blogger and I can’t figure out how to do it. Do I need a wordpress account or can I follow with blogger somehow?

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