Grr Baby! Yeah!

It’s the swingin’ 60’s, baby! Filled with free love and… this guy?

“His sire is also listed on this site with a video, T Bar Ts Rowdy Royal Champion. The grandsire sold for $50K and the bloodline hasn’t suffered at all as you can see. This stud is in pasture condition, and very well put together he has never had his neck sweated and would benefit from that, but he has a nice length of neck and all else is in place. You can fix sweating a neck, you can’t fix the other finer points of conformation and it’s all there! He has a nice flat top line, good tail set. tiny head, good muzzle, big soft eye, straight legs, bite, and outstanding markings that lend themselves to performance classes such as driving. He is a beautiful horse with those loud splash markings, four stockings and a flaxen mane and tail! As a herd sire, he would make beautiful babies for you and put you in blue ribbons. He must go to a good home only. I need to reduce my herd, the first two to sell will cause me to take down the rest. I only need to reduce by two. AMHA/AMHR Registry Pending You tube video –

Breed: Miniature
Gender: Stallion
Birth Date: Dec 31, 1969

Call X at: ### ### ####
More information at:″

OMFG that horse is 42 years old!  We are so astounded by this we’ve decided to enlist some help from the late, great Leslie Nielson to convey the depth of our amazement.

As a side note, if you go to their ad on (we copied the above from craigslist) it says the horse’s birth date is “unknown”.  *cough*bullshit*cough* ahem. Excuse us – tickle in the throat.

Alright, so either that is a typo or that is one virile old dude with stock in the equine equivalent of viagra!  People, check your ads before you post them.

Next on the list, and it seems almost trivial to include this now – probably shouldn’t have led with the age thing.  “Pasture condition”? Usually this would make us expect to see a dirty, hairy, out-of-shape, possibly skinny horse with chipped feet.  But if that picture is at all recent, that is clearly not the case.  So we’re guessing “Pasture condition” means that you have systematically and painstakingly used your presumed experience and expertise to train, condition and prepare this horse to… eat grass from a pasture.  Wow.  Congratulations on the rousing success of teaching your horse to eat grass in a field.   We’re sure we’ve seen that skill somewhere else before but can’t quite place our fingers on it right now – oh well, Shirley it will come to us later! 😉

And apparently he’d make a good “herd sire”!  Wooooo!  A stud that will breed in a herd setting.  Oh gosh, now we know we’ve heard that somewhere before!  Or if we use the other definition of “herd sire”, ie. that you use him to sire a herd, we’ve got a couple problems with that, too.

For starters, he’s not yet registered.  And they haven’t listed any show accomplishments or fabulous prior offspring to show that he’s worthy of siring more.  Dwarfism is a big issue with minis.  While we assume that by “good muzzle” and “bite” they mean he doesn’t suffer from dwarfism and isn’t deformed in any way that would affect normal eating or respiratory habits, we’re not convinced.  He appears to suffer from a mild form of achondroplasia.  It’s a form of dwarfism that causes shortened extremities; short legs are one symptom, but the tiny ears are a giveaway.  It’s possible he’s just got a slightly disproportionate build; since there’s no way of testing for dwarfism, we can’t be sure.  But it wouldn’t shock us if he produced some babies that looked like weiner dogs!

So to sum up: if you’re looking for a 42 year old, unconditioned, possibly unproven stud that is only suitable to get his funk on with minis in a herd setting, then this is the horse for you!

Can you blame us?  He was born in the 60’s and Austin Powers is the connection we have to that era!


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  1. Sooooo… let me get this right… the CL add says he’s 42 years old and the add says his age is unknown? O.o;

    But 42 years old!! Holly horseshoes, Batman! That has to be a typo, there’s no way people this clueless could get a horse to last that long. Unless they didn’t know his age when they bought him and now that they’ve found it out, they’re trying to dump him?

    I’m really baffled with this one. But Shirley there must be some plausible explanation, right? Right?

  2. If that guy’s really 42 years old, they’re doing something right. Most minis look like little yaks by the time they hit maturity. This guy’s decently horse shaped, and looks really well cared for. (I wonder if it’s an old pic? Can’t be from the 70s, though!)

    I took ‘pasture condition’ to mean ‘not fitted up for showing’, though I’m not sure what ‘fitting’ a mini would involve. It would imply that they at least sometimes show their horses. Maybe. I hope so.

  3. Could be a typo. But if any horse can live to 42 in decent condition it’s a mini!
    That being said, they didn’t promise the photos were taken in the last few years haha. They could be ancient!

  4. On a side note: why would you need to use a lead rope with a chain over the nose with a mini? Seriously, it’s a MINI!

  5. 42 or not, I think he’s a cute little snot, though he appears to be club-footed on his left front.

  6. I think he looks pretty good for a Mini! He doesn´t look like a dwarf at all. Of course that doesn´t mean that he won´t produce them. But that´s the case with all Minis, sadly.
    Because he doesn´t seem to have any papers he should be geldet but he looks A LOT better than 90% of the lamas and yaks, ehm, horses we usually see on this blog. 😉
    I´d get him in a minute, geld him and train him to drive, he looks like fun!

  7. PS: “pasture condition” means that he wasn´t trained for showing, which is usually a plus. ,-)
    I´m kind of amazed that he wasn´t registred yet!
    Is “neck sweating” allowed in th USA?

  8. I’m pretty sure pasture conditioned means for breeding… which goes with your ‘gee, stallion that can breed in a pasture with herd’ comment… but I could be wrong. Either way…

    Still, whether or not he is 40 years old, he’s a good looking little man I must say. I hope he isn’t 40 though. Because 40, unproven, and potentially only a pasture pony would be virtually unusable.

    But he does know how to stand up for the photo at least. Or he’s calm enough to let you position him that way…

    ….or they’ve got a good photo editor to remove evidence that he was peeing.

  9. Minis are trained, like Arabs, for show. And shaved and annoying stuff like that. That´s why I think it means “not trained for showing”: ;:-)
    Anyway, he´s a cute little guy, send him over to me! 😉

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