Scourge of Miniature Breeders

There seems to be a trend these days with people, women in particular, wanting things in miniature.  The smaller the better!  Everything should be mini! Micro, even.

We want teeny tiny dogs

Microscopic little piggies (these guys definitely aren’t going to market!)

And of course, not to be outdone by the non-horse people, horse people want itty bitty horses!

And that’s what we get! Dwarf animals bearing congenital defects.  Perfect.  Way to go breeders.  Give yourselves a pat on the back (preferably with knife in hand – pointy end goes in first!).

Miniature horse breeders beware!  Just as the Sworse seeks revenge on backyard breeders, so does the Bye Eyed Demon (da da daaa) on careless mini breeders!

He’s coming to get you…

So if you’re out in the barn alone late one night and you hear the frenzied, staccato beating of tiny hooves behind you,  it ain’t no bird.  It’s probably not a plane.  And it sure as sh#$ isn’t Superman!

You can’t hide.  He’ll find you, wherever you are.  Dye your hair, change your name, live with the penguins on the South Sandwich Islands (it’s a real place, honest!  We looked it up!) it doesn’t matter, he’s got better radar than Santa.

Check out his theme song:

And, simply because I think it’s hilarious and it’s WAY past  my bedtime, here’s a meerkat in drag!


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  1. “Bye Eyed Demon”? Really?! And that’s just after I posted about us being grammar-nazis…slightly embarrassing. Please read as: “Blue Eyed Demon” – clearly there was a sleeplessness element. (yes, we could just go in and edit it, but JG thought it’d be funnier this way!)

  2. Hey, at lease the cape is on in the right direction. Is BED (Blue-Eyed Demon) sort of like Sworse’s Robin? I think Sworse needs a side kick. Heck, if lions have meerkats, why not?

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