Even Batman couldn’t save this one

You may recall, we published a post (Holy Freakin Swayback, Batman!) back in August about a 4 year old Arabian gelding who had a fairly pronounced swayback.  That post actually got us our first hate mail (we were so proud!).

The following  horse was sent to us by a concerned reader and well, it beats our original post hands down!

Ok, it’s not an entirely fair comparison as we’re willing to bet this horse is a wee bit older than the 4 year old.  Regardless of age, the severity of this horse’s swayback (aka lordosis) is quite disturbing.

Causes of lordosis can include differences in thickness between the front and back of the intervertebral disc (which lies “between adjacent vertebrae in the spine. Each disc forms a cartilaginous joint to allow slight movement of the vertebrae, and acts as a ligament to hold the vertebrae together” -thank you wikipedia!).

Other causes include imbalances in muscle strength, excessive weight and pregnancy.

We don’t actually know what caused this extreme swayback in this horse but we’re perfectly willing to jump to conclusions and blame asshat backyard breeders because, even if severe over-breeding didn’t cause this, we’re sure backyard breeders had some blame coming their way anyways for some other egregious sin.


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  1. WTF? That has got to be one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. I feel so bad for that poor horse!

    Come on people, breed for quality, not so you can have one more messed up horse in your backyard!

  2. I knew a saddlebred who looked like that and a small appy pony.

    I’m sure breeding had some factor, but it doesn’t get that bad on its own usually. Poor riding and heavy riders make the muscles unable to develop properly. It’s like the extreme curve in human spines by people who spend too much time hunched over. Especially if they have a long neck and spine to begin with.

    • Oh, and the aweful thing? They still rode the saddlebred heavily, just used a prosthetic pad to ‘fill in’ the hole. They even jumped him… and got pissed when he didn’t want to jump higher than 2 foot. Poor guy was such a saint.

      • Poor guy!! Sever swaybacks shouldn’t be carrying anything! I don’t know how anyone could justify putting a saddle on any horse that looks remotely like the subject of today’s post.

  3. Poor, poor thing! He CANNOT be comfortable! But, he’s such a PRETTY COLOR!!!! 😛

  4. That is the worst swayback I have ever seen. But I have to say, he’s probably 30+ and I’m happy with his general condition – appropriate weight, feet look done, etc. Just get rid of the barbed wire and put some hot tape there to keep the horses off the fence!

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