Never have to worry about bathroom breaks!

An amazing 2 yr old with unbelivable potential, he is built like a brick outhouse 15.1 & still growing eats out of your hand and smart!!

Price: $ 2,500 (Negotiable)
Personally, I fail to see the resemblence.  Perhaps if the outhouse was placed on stilts and painted a fugly color?
But wait, there’s more!
It almost looks like the rider’s about to slap himself upside the head…

Cremello 2yr old stud colt cream gene tested!! Broke to ride and handles well on the ground. Loads, leads and handles like a dream, he acts more like a 900 pound puppy than a colt. This colt has kind eyes and an awesome temperament, with great confidence in himself. Ridden with 4wheelers, studs, mares, and in traffic. Very little spook for a colt! 28 months old should make 16 hands. Some trail experience. He has the bling and turns heads everywhere!




I’m sorry, I had to take a moment to hit my head on my desk…

People!  Stop riding the hell out of your two year olds!  How does someone look at this horse and think, oh yeah, he’s ready for serious work?  I’ve seen greyhounds that were more filled out than this guy!  Of course he’s not acting spooky – he’s loaded up with a huge saddle, massive saddle bags, a longshanked curb and your big ass on him.  He’s too damn tired to do anything!

But hey, if he breaks down, you can always just breed him and get purdy colored foals!  Nevermind that he’s a Tennesse Walking Horse that apparently doesn’t actually do the Running Walk.  Why, exactly, does this horse still have his balls?  He’d make an adorable trail horse in a few years and would probably be a lot easier to sell as a gelding.  Being a double dilute does not make him breeding quality!

So congratulations sir!  You have qualified as the first official recipient of SnarkyRider’s Asshat Award!  You’ve earned it!


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  1. It’s the asshat! I love it!

    The brick outhouse comparison isn’t entirely fair – at least that outhouse has front feet that point in the same direction. And is less tied in below the knee.

    I’m not sure why the owner thinks this colt is particularly sturdy. He’s tall, and the upright neck carriage might give him the impression of a large shoulder. And it looks like he’s developed a good thick neck from bracing against that bit. Otherwise, I’ve seen better developed arab mares.

  2. ah, the (literal) asshat made my day.
    The figurative asshat needs someone to put a big dude and a saddle on him and see if he can spook!

  3. “built like a brick outhouse”??? That was that had ROFTLMAO!!! Jeez, he’s a bit fugly, but comparing him to an outhouse is just plain mean. Not to mention, it’s not the best way to try to sell a horse!! *headesk*

    LOOOOVE the asshat award! I subscribe too everything CattleDog wrote above 😀

    • Oh dear, I was so busy lmao that I forgot how to properly type a sentence. My aplogies >//<

      • Asshat reward deserved.
        I particularly enjoyed the banging of head against the wall…hee hee

        As for those turned out hooves etc, a correct and balanced trim would resolve that as long as there is no major joint adaptations.

      • I agree he desperately needs a farrier, his hooves are so long he can’t he stand properly. But he seems to be a little cow hocked as well and, if he is, there’s no fixing that. Let’s hope he just had his back feet in an awkward position…

  4. I think I need to join you in banging my head on my desk.

    Wtf is with these people riding their 2-year-olds? And this guy’s only BARELY 2, so you know he was probably being ridden at like a year and a half. Seriously, it’s like asking an 8-year-old to walk to school with his backpack full of bricks. Although at least the bricks wouldn’t be hauling you around by the mouth.

    And… what? He’s built like a… brick outhouse? What?

    I don’t… I don’t understand…

  5. As I’ve observed before, gaited horses seem to attract morons at a much higher rate. Poor gaited horses!

  6. Argh! Amen. So tired of people riding their horses at only 2 years old!
    My horse has been barrel racing since he was 2! What a great horse they said! Yea, when they tie him down, he’s really nice eh.
    Well let me tell you that my 17 years old self can do much more with this horse bitless and bareback than they ever could with saddles and bridles, bits, stirrups, breast collar, martingale, whip and anything you can think of.

    Why in heavens would someone think it would do any good for a horse to be ”broken” at the age of 2! That’s ridiculous.

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