WDC: More costumes!

A little change of pace; this week’s dose of cute comes in the form of pics instead of vids.  We’re still running with the costume theme though – Hallowe’en might be our favorite holiday!  Who doesn’t love the opportunity to act ridiculous and get free candy?

Yes, that is a miniature horse dressed up as Goldilocks.  Complete with a bowl of porridge.  And she has apparently had enough of the three bears and is making her bid for freedom!

What’s your horse going to be for Halloween?


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  1. OMG! that poor sheep-horse! O.o;

  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and not emabarass my horses this year for Hallowe’en. Of course, this is only because I have plans for Christmas Card Pictures that include lots of shiny things and antlers for my horses. 😉

  3. Just had to share this:

    4yr old Male stallion – $175 (Rosburg WA)

    Date: 2011-10-16, 8:31AM PDT


    I have a 4 year old male stallion (Arab Morgan Mustang) I’m needing to sell because I havent had the time to work with him and it would be a waste for him to not get trained. He is aprox 13.5 hh. He’s a little guy but he has good muscle tone. You will need at least a 5′ fence to keep him because he is a jumper. He is in need of a new home before it gets too cold because of where he is located. Asking 175 obo.
    Email Susan or txt me at 3607832360

    • LOL I’m so glad he’s a “male stallion” -otherwise it just gets awkward. Not quite sure they’re clear on what “good muscle tone” looks like though…And how the hell did that horse jump a 5′ fence? Seriously, if that’s true then he’s worth a helluva lot more than $175 (although preferably as a gelding…)

      And where is he located that it gets SO cold?

      OMG I just saw the height… WTF is 13.5hh?


  4. *dieslaughing*

  5. Looks like one of McGonagall’s transfiguration spells went a bit wrong XD

    These are adorable ^_^

    Love how totally unimpressed the Superman horse looks…

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