How not to write a sale ad.

She is stubborn and tries to ignore whoever is on her back or leading her (mainly children) and will try to just eat and she is also on the lazy side but she has never tried to buck or kick or rear. She has tried to nip a couple of times but it is NEVER in an aggressive manner. She really is a great pony, the only reason I am looking to sell her is because she is a Mare and I have a stallion and would just prefer to have a gelding so they can be together. My 9 and 6 year old nieces can ride her just fine as long as she has a bridle on. She is friendly and will come up to you to say hi in the pasture and is easy to catch most of the time, occasionally she will play catch me if you can. Possible delivery to local areas, Yelm, Rainier, Tenino, Mckenna, Roy. Thank you.
she is inbetween 12 and 13hh.

Asking $500 OBO Good home is top priority.

Sigh…  They don’t know how tall she is.   There’s no mention of breed, age, training or even if she goes English or Western.  They can’t be bothered to catch her and clean her up for a sales photo; instead we’re treated to a pic with eyeballs and barbwire close enough together to make us squeamish.  And is it so hard to lead with “She really is a great pony” andMy 9 and 6 year old nieces can ride her just fine” instead of “She is stubborn and tries to ignore whoever is on her back or leading her”?  We’re all for truth in advertising, but you should still try to put your good foot forward first!

But those phrases lead us to another point.  Someone really needs to inform them that horses need training.  She’s not going to intuitively know exactly what the young children who are trying to boss her around want, nor will she automatically respect them because you think she should.  If she’s trying to nip you it doesn’t matter if it’s “aggressive” or not, it still means she doesn’t respect you!

If they want a gelding so badly, they should really just lop off the stallion’s balls.  Because if they’re having trouble handling a “great” pony mare, a stud is probably a little much for them!


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  1. LOL so true so true. Well at least they were honest. And hopefully, somebody won’t buy her unless they are saying to themselves, ‘well i know what to do with this one.’ Frankly, the mare sounds a lot like my horse when I got her, and she’s turned into a great partner for me (because I know what to do with her lol). They don’t mention if she was ever bred, but at least now that they are selling we don’t have to worry about future babies from a backyard breeder.

  2. Agreed with Erin, at least they’re not trying to breed her! Points for honesty, but really, how do you write an ad for a horse and not even mention age, height, or training?

  3. Would someone please tell me what it means for a backyard pleasure horse to “go English” or “go Western”? Do you mean he wears a curb bit vs snaffle? Neck reins or not? Cares if the saddle has a horn? Unless the horse is schooling for a specific discipline, what does it mean if the backyard lead-line pony is “going Western” or not? I’ve asked two of my trainers, and neither had any idea what the phrase means relative to pleasure trail horses. I don’t mean to call you out on it… but what do you mean when you say it?

    • In this case it’s just a further example of how little useful info they’re providing, and how little training they’ve likely done with her. In general, I’d say it’s a combo of a few of those things – whether the horse is accustomed to typical Western gear (ie. curb bit) and whether or not it’s been trained to neck rein, combined with how it’s been encouraged to move. Jog vs trot, lope vs. canter, that sort of thing. It’s definitely a gray area though!

  4. Hard to judge her conformation from these pics (not that I’m a very good judge, anyway), but she looks like a pretty cute pony. Her bad habits don’t sound like anything that couldn’t be fairly easily dealt with, if you have time and patience. Could be quite a steal, for $500. Sounds more spoiled than anything.Too bad I’m broke and across the country, or I’d get her and retrain her for my 2 girls. She has a cute face, and I bet my girls would love a little white pony!

  5. *headesk*

    I’m with FlyByNight, “at least they’re not trying to breed her!”

    Also, “If they want a gelding so badly, they should really just lop off the stallion’s balls. ” Yeah, somebody smack them with a large trout for me!

  6. As soon as I saw the area, I wasn’t surprised. It is the land of barbed wire, no hoof care, and complete morons owning horses. I once went to see a nice OTTB in Tenino that was living with … a trampoline. And a crooked legged messed up colt that also had come from the auction. During my visit, I was treated to the story of how a previous horse fell in the ditch next to the driveway and hurt herself so badly she had to be put to sleep. The OTTB looked at me and said, lady, get me the fuck out of here. I called the rescue that sent me and said, get this horse NOW. And they did.

  7. PU – You guys suck!

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