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We’re sure everyone remembers Monday’s post – it ended with that lovely little teaser?  Well here he is, the man of the day, Mr. Ludvik Karel Stanek!

My full name is Ludvík Karel Staněk, I was born on October 14, 1946 in Prague, in formal Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic. In 1961-1963 I have graduated the two-year school, in Kaldruby nad Labem in CZ, for breeders of horses and professional riders. I’ve been working with horses ever since (50 years), in various countries and parts of the horse industry. 
I’ve been in the USA since 1971, where I have work predominantly in the Thoroughbred industry as a trainer, rider (not a jockey) and farm manger, as well as an agent for buyers at auctions.

In 1971-1973 I have also competed in the events of Bareback Bronc Riding and Bull Riding at the professional rodeo in Cowtown, New Jersey, but mainly for the sake of experience. In the last 15 years I’ve been working as a farrier.

So this guy has led a pretty interesting life.  He has experience in many different areas of the horse industry and, if you can get over his imperfect English, it sounds like he might have something worthwhile to say.  Hee hee hee… first impressions can be so deceiving!

Weeellllll, that’s not totally correct.  He’s definitely an interesting read!  He has multiple websites, all full of very opinionated articles.  We’d like to say we’ve learned a lot by perusing them, but unless you count finding out exactly how far you can spray milk out of your nose (2 feet 3 inches currently holds the record), it wouldn’t be true.

Before we subject you to a fullblown article by Lee (as he generally goes by), we thought we’d introduce you to some of the finer points of his philosophies on general life and horses. (You say article, we say manifesto.  Te-MAY-to, Te-MAH-to)  They can generally be summarised as misogynistic and non-sensical.  He actually has a section in his FAQs addressing why his writing is so bad!  Seriously, this guy is the reason tl;dr exists.  Be prepared!

Lee-ism No 1: To start with, suffice is to say, the word feminine and the word discipline go as much together as chaos and order. And so it is no surprise that whenever or wherever women get some power or control, or influence over events, the first thing to go is discipline, as well as accountability, not to mention reason, hence corruption, destruction and finally chaos is simply and logically inevitable.

Translation: Women are bad and untrustworthy!  Keep ’em in the kitchen!

Lee-ism No 2: When I am saying that I hold women accountable it does not mean that the blame is laid solely them, but rather the blame also rests on men that for most part remained indifferent to what women do, or abandoned their places of responsibilities and such and so forth, or simply died, and so women simply filled these empty spaces in our society.

Translation: It’s not totally the women’s fault, we men shoulda kept ’em their place.

Lee-ism No 3: I do not know of any species that reversed its evolution or degenerated, only that it evolved or went extinct, except human beings who are obviously degenerating and not evolving.

Translation: ‘Cause everything went to hell when we started lettin’ them women outta the kitchen!

Lee-ism No 4: Consider yourself a fool if you think or believe that you can learn anything about “how to” with horses by reading things here or anywhere on the Internet, or books, or even by listening to others.

Translation: Why are you reading this? I’m not even reading what I’ve written so far (confirmed in his FAQs!)

Oooh! What do you think of the following from Lee’s website for a new Snarky Rider tagline?

It is not the intent of this website to educate, inform, explain, preach or convince, hence you should not believe anything you read here.

To sum up Lee’s manifesto views derrived from years of experience and no personal bias whatsoever, we give you the wisdom of Andy from Cougar Town!


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  1. Head, meet desk.

    Wow, sexist much?

    Not to mention, pretty sure this guy has no clue how evolution works…


    Why does the horse business seem to attract so many crazies?

  2. So his entire manifesto could have been summed up by saying women are the cause of all the world’s problems. Hmmm. Good luck keeping the world going without us, ass hat. The funny thing is I’m not offended by anything he’s had to say. he’s so far out of touch with reality it just makes his mad scribblings seem pathetic rather than valid. Let’s hope he doesn’t reproduce.

    • Sigh – his website seemed to indicated that he did, in fact, procreate. Poor kids, this guy seems to be the type to believe in corporal punishment.

      He’s too out there to be offensive – it’s just sad… and funny, really really funny!

  3. I could have gone my whole life without knowing about this man. I’m going to go wash out my eyes and try to forget the last five minutes ever existed.

    • HA!
      If you get it, share the secret so the rest can also forget.

      And wow, where’s this guy live? I want to make sure I and my horses (mare) have some distance from him by, um, a few continents.

  4. Wow, I feel a little dumber (and quite confused) having read his writings. They kind of sound like a diary written by a crazy person.

    Wait, that’s probably because I just don’t have the discipline to understand! It’s not like I went to university or anything. And shame on my boyfriend for letting me have access to a computer to spread my crazy feminism!

    That’s Lee-logic!

    • LOL it’s not your fault you didn’t understand, you’re feminine and thus part of everything that is wrong in the world!

      Don’t worry, it’s not your boyfriend’s fault either! He’s obviously “pussy-whipped” -another quality Lee-ism!

  5. If it’s any consolation he’ll most likely die before you do. I’m just looking for a positive here.

  6. Whoa. . .apparently this man has not stepped into the 21st century. . .I feel sorry for anyone who is dumb enough to listen to him!

    • yah, I see him as almost harmless because the only people who are going to believe him already felt that way.
      He just never studied correlations in school and doesn’t understand that just because two things happen it doesn’t mean that one caused the other…. That’s the whole basis for his arguments. *sigh*

  7. @Shannon, that thought did cheer me up.

  8. Oh there’s so much on that site.
    “A man is well advised to stay from women that love animals, for he surely be treated like one.”

    HAH! My boyfriend wishes he had it as good as my dog!

  9. Got one word for ya: ASSHOLE!

    Does he still live in the Czech Republic? Cos I feel tempted to make a trip over there to make him a visit and show what my fist and my boots think of his manifesto.

    *must… refrain… from filling this entire post with swear words…*

  10. Wow that guy is a nut. I read the “saddle dilemma” and first of his 3 articles on “seat” and my head hurts. He’s so stinking negative about everything! He doesn’t say anything hateful towards women in either of those articles but ugh, they’re obnoxious to read. Says there are no good riders any more. At all. You’ll never learn to sit on a horse. Everyone sucks. Blah blah blah.

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