The hands of women…

…are apparently the devil’s tools! According to this article by Mr. Lee Stanek, women are to blame for all the woes of the world.  And we gotta tell ya, we couldn’t agree more.

LAUGH! Just kidding 😉

We’re not including all of the article, it’s just too damn long, but if you want to read the whole thing click here.


It is the women today that have the control over the horse world, or at least have a major influence on what will be done and how horses are treated or trained. For this reason I hold women accountable for the abuse of horses in this world, because they have what many of them always wanted and dreamed of, “control” (actually, I dream of Jason Segel…). Needless to say that with the control over events also comes accountability, obviously.

To start with, suffice is to say, the word feminine and the word discipline go as much together as chaos and order. And so it is no surprise that whenever or wherever women get some power or control, or influence over events, the first thing to go is discipline (Right, because I know as I was growing up, my dad was definitely the one to enforce discipline!), as well as accountability (It’s not my fault! I’m just a helpless female!), not to mention reason, hence corruption, destruction and finally chaos is simply and logically inevitable. Discipline is primarily about self-discipline and it is the first thing all children of men (as opposed to children of cyclops’s?)  should learn first and not only young horsemen, but then again, “you cannot give what you do not have, you cannot teach what you do not know”. Discipline is not about some punishment but it is all about self-control.

When I am saying that I hold women accountable it does not mean that the blame is laid solely them, but rather the blame also rests on men that for most part remained indifferent to what women do, or abandoned their places of responsibilities and such and so forth, or simply died, and so women simply filled these empty spaces in our society. -so because men didn’t keep us in check we caused the abuse of horses?  Damn them! Why did they have to die?  If only they had lived the horsies would be safe from us! Of course this is fairly obvious mainly in the world of horses that at this point is pretty much run and taken over by women all over the so-called “modern world”, while the few participating men are there primarily to exploit (sexually or financially or mostly both) the female obsession with horses.

The flaws of women (the feminine)

1. Extremely judgmental, bypassing the reason often to the point of obsession and fanaticism. (Just look at the TV shows like the CNN Nancy Grace, as that show is genuinely feminine in nature presenting downright a public lynching, and of course as women often say, “the people are criminals they deserve it!” It would be wise to remember the saying that “one can judge a society by the way it treats its prisoners”. Needless to say that besides the common and accepted media lynching of the prosecuted and accused, the prisoners here in the USA are genuinely mentally tormented and abused, but much of that also has to do with the commercial aspect of the prison system that is more about making money than reforming the prisoners, and so the US prison systems, as well as the judicial systems, do their best to insure that most prisoners will come back.) -we’d love to hear what he thinks should be done with the prisoners!  We’re also unclear as to how money is made off the prison system – unless of course he’s been watching the movie Death Race and believes that to be real life (which at this point we’re willing to accept!)

2. Suffering from a major case of intellectual inferiority complex (um, we don’t know about you but we’re actually feeling pretty intellectually superior to this guy!), which is a weakness often exploited by the so-called “progressive” ruling powers, which are men and not women. This feminine intellectual inferiority complex has been exploited by men already in my young days in all the communist countries and it finally arrived here in the states about 40 years ago (the seventies). It should be noted that the more a woman suffers from this intellectual inferiority complex the more she will desire (or dream of) respect and recognition not only by men but also by women. -so we want to be respected because we feel inferior?  Somethings a little off there…
And so they often become some activists, often sexists (now women are the sexists?!), go to some school and then when debating something always referring to some researches or so-called “scientific facts” (umm, duh?). They are simply eager to become someone respected and acknowledged, or better yet, admired or celebrated, and so they have this urge to prove themselves not only to themselves but to others, hence so much of the competition (sports, horse shows etc.) in this feminized world -women started competitions? I thought that was all men!.
In short, the feminization of the “modern world” has only one purpose, which is about the weakening of men in order to control them, and women were always used for such purpose from the times when human beings begun to seek power over one another -so do women weaken men? or do men use women to weaken men? . Remember folks that whenever you believe that some woman is in power or in control, there is always someone else pulling her strings to control men and women through her, and at the top of this unseen hierarchical tower there are no women is there a third gender we’re unaware of?  Because it seems to us that’s what he’s implying!.

3. A genuine lack of awareness, as most women simply have no clue what is going on, which is mostly caused by the following flaws. You know, he’s right, we have no clue WTF going on in this article!

4. Denial, as most women due to their judgmental nature cannot handle guilt and/or the fear of harming life. Yup, no argument there.  Not really big on killing things – not sure if that comes from my judgmental nature or just the simple fact that animals are much cuter alive than dead.  I feel differently about certain people.

5. Fear of not only harming life but also the fear of men, hence such need for control over them resulting in creating of more and more laws to curb the men just a tidbit of information: 83% of the US Congress are MALE! (stats from here). (Many women loved to be part of the legislative authorities/judicial system because it gives them the so much desired power over men). Ironically they behave the same way with horses, because just about all women fear horses (we women especially fear male horses!), some manage it by learning to live with it, or by getting used to it by burring (presumably he means “burying”) it somewhere deep in their subconscious and most simply deny it to themselves and of course to others, while some actually like to live in such fear as it tends to excite them. In any case, this fear, whether felt or not, admitted or denied, causes women to become unable to feel the horse they ride or handle, and for this reason they are actually more crude (insensitive=irresponsive) then most men when with horses. Most men are aware of their brutalities and insensitivities, while most women are not. I will expand on this in related articles. So, because men are aware of their “brutalities and insensitivities” (by the way, not a word) they are actually less brutal than women?

The flaws of men (the masculine).

1. The modern, politically corrected man of this world could be plainly called “socially pussy-whipped“. I do not see the rest of the world, but here in the states the majority of men and boys can be truly called pussy-whipped, since most are controlled by the feminine (feminized society), the latter in such case being the mere tool of accomplishing the former, weakening and controlling men. So, to reiterate what was previously said, men use women to control other men, who use women to control men, who use other women to control other men, who use viagra.

2. A genuine lack of awareness, as most men simply have no clue what is going on, which is mostly caused by the following flaw.

3. The worst of them all, their indifference, as most men simply don’t give a damn about anything, which needless to say leads to the world self-destruction I always thought perhaps greed and a few other things had something to do with “world self-destruction”. Suffice is to say that most of them were turned (politically corrected/feminized) into girls full of male hormones, which of course results in so much useless and needless violence which is primarily the result of their lack of control over their anger and emotions, thus becoming genuinely like women, or better said pussy-whipped. For this reason most men left their places of responsibilities and duties and look to the state as their nanny or mommy for help in anything. The killing of men (murders and such) comes primarily form the weakness of men, mainly from fear and emotional instabilities (girly men) and hardly from courage or honor.


Good Gawd do we feel sorry for the prostitutes he picks up that have to listen to him spout off his ideologies!

We’d like to nominate Mr. Stanek to be the first, official, recipient of the Asshat Award – What do you think?

By the way, the expression is “suffice IT to say” IT dammit IT!!!!



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  1. What. Is. Happening. Here??????
    This guy doesn’t know his head from his a** (and I’m pretty sure he’s somehow blamed that on a woman using a logic trail that would bring most people to tears from the complicated absurdity of it all!).
    Wow. Just…wow.

  2. I have this urge to become a Radical Feminist and lynch this dude.
    Oh wait, that’s only because I have an inferiority complex and want a penis.

    Ne’er mind.

    Wow. I’ve heard of misoginy but this is a new one for the books. Any chance he’d be willing to hire a proofreader and editor? Might make it easier to read, er swallow.

  3. True ass-hat!
    First, how did this even get published? It is so difficult to read. Besides being entirely WRONG about everything, it makes no sense grammatically!
    Second, how is this man still alive? I mean really?
    Third, seriously, WTF????

  4. This is just awesome! The best read I’ve had in a quite a while. Thanks for sharing! Wow! This guy is a genius! Who knew it? The reason I feel so insecure these days is because I don’t have a penis. Obviously! *facepalm* Why didn’t I realise this sooner? Oh well… back to the kitchen I go, but first I better abuse my horses with unconditional love and cookies! 🙂

  5. LOL a quote directly from his site.

    “Anyone who is concerned about his dignity would be well advised to keep away from horses, as well as this website, and that not merely for his or her sake, but principally for the sake of horses.”

    I can’t agree about the horse part, but I do agree about staying away from the website! The man’s a loon.

  6. Pshew. My brain didn’t explode until the bit about ‘pussywhipped’ men who have become ‘girls flooded with male hormones’ and who are apparently responsible for anything heinous done by men. He’s not content with just denigrating women, he’s got to twist logic way past the breaking point to blame them for everything. Women are probably totally to blame for the BP oil spill, too.

    “I cannot imagine anything worse, repulsive and even dangerous, than a testosterone running around thinking and reasoning like a woman.” Does this guy remind anyone else of homophobes? I wonder how he deals with his secret shame of being attracted to *gasp* women.

  7. Yaaaaaawn… Uh? What? Sorry, I fell asleep after the first few paragraphs. At first this guy pissed me off, now he’s just like one of those big brother type of reality shows: after the first few seconds, I just change the channel, because if I keep on watching, I might just have a few braincells die from exposure to extreme stupidity.

  8. Everyone on te interwebz is now dumber for having read that (if they could even make it through his insane, rambling diatribe). I think my brain oozed outta my ears a little.

  9. I don’t even… I don’t…


    Women are responsible for the abuse of horses. Uh-huh. Now, I don’t have any statistics on this, since most of my information comes from blogs and news, but why is it, then, that it seems like 9 out of 10 people called out for horse abuse are MALE? Not to mention, I believe most animal abuse in general is done by MEN.

    Of course, he’d probably pull some bullshit out of his ass about it being women’s fault that men are abusing horses, or that we’re picking on men or some other crap. Or that somehow beating and yanking and jabbing with spurs isn’t abuse.

    Part of me is hoping this guy is just a troll, because I just cannot believe there is anybody who could possibly have his head this far up his ass…

    What a whackjob. Does he ever leave his house? I can’t imagine a guy like this functioning in society without being lynched by an angry mob.

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