Too bad the property isn’t for sale too!

Andalusian Male Horse white with gray tail asking 300 or best offer must sell. I’ve pasted this ad for my friend his name is Raul, any question you have you must call him and talk to him it is his horse. thanks

Now that looks like a happy home.  The wire fence adds a silvery brightness that wood just can’t match.  The hard-packed dirt ground is conveniently free of grass.  No more pesky green stains AND this surface removes the worry of founder or laminitis for horse owners.  Whew! I’m sure that’s a load off your mind.

Now, let’s discuss the eco-friendly trash pile in the background.  Landfills are contributing to global warming and this property helps reduce your carbon footprint.  People driving by your property will not only commend you for your green living, but will marvel at what surely is a modern piece of carefully sculpted artwork.  Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.  Not convinced yet?  Just look at that recycled plastic barrel-like-thing.  Sure, at one point it may or may not have held toxic chemicals, but now it makes a good source of water for any horses you choose to house on this fruitful piece of land.

Now on to the horse.  We prefer to think of him as an opportunity.  This horse provides an excellent opportunity for an open minded individual who has some extra hay lying around – he’ll help you clean that right up.  This is also an opportunity to enhance your breed knowledge.  You’ll learn how to distinguish Andalusians from other breeds and in the pursuit of higher learning you’ll be afforded the chance to discover what he may or may not be mixed with!  Never sticked  a horse before?  Well you’ll get first hand experience with this guy because the current owner has no idea how tall he is!  A little fuzzy on how to determine the horses age by looking at its teeth?  This guy will encourage you to bone up on this and provide hands on learning! -that is as long as he doesn’t bite!  But hey, even if he does that will just teach you how to deal with difficult horses!  Opportunities abound with this ageless, heightless, training- and experienceless horse!  Contact Raul to begin your educational journey!

Fuck you, Raul.  Feed your goddamned horse and get him the fuck out of that “field”.



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  1. That paddock looks like a dream. . .can I board my horse there? She will never be bored with all that stuff to play with. . . And maybe if she drank out of that toxic barrel, she could develop super-horse powers.

    Don’t people know you are supposed to get the best picture of your horse and area? These ads are so depressing.

  2. Will somebody please call animal control because Raul needs to be locked in a kennel. Preferably with barbed wire.

  3. I know you don’t usually out people but if that’s in SoCal, let me know, because I am really sure I can get someone to go pick up that poor horse for $300.

  4. I’m with you on that not being a pure Andalusian.I don’t know much about the Iberian breeds, but I’ve never seen one with such a straight shoulder, though he does have the head. Poor boy. On the bright side, I’m sure he has fun playing with his barrel of (formerly) toxic waste, and that pile of whatever-it is behind him. Ugh.

  5. He is almost certainly an Azteca. That would explain the shoulder…cross a mediocre Andy with a mediocre foundation QH and … voila! Mediocre Azteca. But I will still bet I can find a home for a mediocre Azteca just because he’s an Azteca.

  6. Those barrels are actually standard practice in the LA area. They are formerly food-grade barrels used for transport and sold specifically as feeders for livestock.

    Otherwise, yeah, despicable, but thought I’d start your education for you 🙂

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