Boys behaving badly…

We’ve got two little words for the following guys…


Seriously guys, point those moobs to the sky!


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  1. Heh. Yeah. I’m going to hope the guy with all the ribbons is just leaning forward to pat his horse. Surely he couldn’t have won all that while riding like his butt hurts.

    • I (Jumper Girl) went through a period of time when I couldn’t get out of the hunter perch. My dressage coach delighted in asking me if I had a butt rash or something stuck up there, etc. etc. etc. Annnnd there were usually spectators – they found it rather entertaining. If my lessons were a movie, they’d have been rated R!

  2. Um I think I need to go look up what “moobs” means but I am guessing I know 🙂 Great post, as is the original one about the tits. I commonly say “stick your boobs out” to folks I see hunched over, glad to know that a very good instructor says the same things!!

  3. Funny. The last show I went to (arab nationals) everyone rode like that, even the womens.
    And I could have sworn, way back in the hey day of my reckless youth, my riding instructor peeling a strip off of me if I wasn’t sitting straight.
    Guess times have changed?
    And where are the Moobs? I sees no moobs! *isdisappointed*

  4. “Dressage Champion” Lusitano stallion. Comes with free human hand twitch. Only $37,500!

    • Dressage champion my ass! I doubt those morons ever bothered to put a saddle on him or they might have some decent pictures to show of him. I hope he gets an upgrade, but at that price… if he gets sold it will be to another clueless idiot.

      P.S. Stop fucking up my Lusitanos, you american asshats!

    • If that is eighteen hands, I am 6’4!

      Never mind that it is pissed off and cowhocked, too. I googled the phone number out of curiosity and found a video of this douchebag riding.

      I’d look pissed off too!

  5. ROFLMAO (and I don’t use that term lightly!)

    …where’s that damn ice-pack! haha

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