WDC: Are you sick of costumes yet?

‘Cause we’re not!

These two deserve a serenade!

Thanks to Erin for sending this in!

And here are a few more that we found on the ‘net.


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Posted on October 23, 2011, in Misc Horsies. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. That’s just wrong…

  2. I admit that these people are way more creative than I am–Kudos to all!

  3. Love the seahorse! Too cute!

  4. Maybe I will send you one after this weekend! I am hoping to successfully dress my mare up like a poodle!

    • That would be great! We’d love to see πŸ˜€ (we’re actually going to do a post later this week and ask all our readers to send in costume photos of them and their horses!)

  5. LOL — just looking at that Gumby costume makes me think of how my horse would react if someone approached her while wearing it. She’s pretty level-headed, but that thing freaks ME out!

  6. Gumby and Pokey. Now there is a sweet horse.

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