Lee-isms continued

Lee is very anti-Sally Swift: he criticizes her book “Centered Riding” repeatedly.  Of course it sounds like he’s never actually read it.  He’s just basing his opinion on the pic of her standing on the ground on the cover!

From: Impulsion – Misunderstanding – Misinformation

Now we can understand where all this shit is born, like this crap about some “centered riding”. I just look at the book cover and wonder how anyone can be so stupid and ignorant to buy this crap just by looking at that “instructor” that sort of resembles a woman that wish that she has a dick or something” -on Sally Swift’s book “Centered Riding”

From: Rolkur (Hyperflexion)

“This is how fools teach others to sit, as in collapsing in the hips as the instructor on the ground is demonstrating, all this to prevent the bouncing on the horse.” –on Sally Swift’s book “Centered Riding”

Part of the reason we keep coming back to him, is that people do read and ask for his advice.  Although  we’re obviously not the only ones who disagree with his life views!

From: My alleged sexist and homophobic remarks in my publications.

“I am not a man that most women would like to spend a lifetime with”

“I use the term “sexually confused” because that is what homosexuality is, where the mind is not in sync with the person’s anatomy, hence it is nothing else but an ailment. “

“On the other hand I do not try to justify, nor I condone, any ailment of an individual or any social disease. You have been obviously assimilated into the modern social structure of the “New World Order”, and the social programming, which is reflected in your response, has significantly tainted your individuality, freethinking and mainly the ability to discern what is and what is not.”

“It is very obvious to me, and self-evident, that I know more about women than you do”

“Rest assured that the word “sexist” would be much more fitting for women than for men, because men do not stick together as women do when socially threatened or attacked.  In relevance to that, most women when asked smiled and agreed that women sexually exploit men and not the other way around”

“It is our “imperfections” (not meaning ailments, diseases or corruptions) that make us beautiful”

Doesn’t he sound delightful?  Unfortunately some people actually correspond with him in the hopes of learning.  The following was a response to a letter asking about the difference between a canter and a gallop.

From: Canter

“There are three basic gaits in horse’s movement, walk, trot and gallop. The words like lope or canter merely refer to a particular speed in gallop”

Ummm… wrong!  The footfall pattern is different; the canter is a three beat gait, whereas a true gallop is a four beat.  That is the difference!

“Another example of confusion similar to the case of gallop is the term stallion, which most people call any male horse that is not castrated, while in reality the word stallion is used primarily for a stallion that is standing at stud while for a mature male horse the correct term “full horse” should be used or just plain “horse”. The English language actually does not have a word for a stallion that is breeding (In many countries in Europe is used the French term for seedbed “pepiniere” as a slang word for breeding stallion).”

Yeah, that word “stud”?  That’s what we use to seperate the two!


From: Dear Doctor

“Some people asked where did I learn “so much” about horses, and my reply was that it was because I’ve screwed up so many of them during my life.”

A little bit of honesty from Lee!


From:Light Contact – Gentle Riding Aids – Dressage

“The internet is a river of shit, and this website is a rock in the middle of that river of shit, not a nice place to be, and so the writings reflect the environment in which it lives.”

I don’t know about you but I’m learning a lot from this guy.


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  1. I am literally speechless. . .There really are no words to retaliate against the vomit that comes from his mouth.

  2. Ugh, somebody needs to get this guy away from horses. And off the internet.

  3. A padded room sounds like it would be a good place for him. Away from horses, people, electronics, and writing utensils.

  4. Wait, Lee is the same guy that wrote “Rolkur (Hyperflexion)”??
    Because I’ve read that article before and he doesn’t sound like a complete wacko there. Chauvinist pig? Sure. But some things actually seem to make sense, though he seems to consider any flexing of the poll hyperflexion and he doesn’t seem (or want) to understand there is a difference between classical dressage and rollkur.

    Hmm… Maybe he was actually getting some happy pills at the time he wrote this, so he actually managed to write something that does not seem like the mad ravings of a lunatic…

  5. At this point, I really just want to tie Lee to a chair, with his mouth duct-taped shut, at a Gay Polo League tournament, and watch him turn colors til his head explodes.

    Problem solved!

  6. Lee makes me smile. He sure is a funny man! 🙂

    With people like him, he’s so set in his ways that there’s nothing anybody can do (short of Electroshock Therapy) to get him to change his opinion. So I suggest we just let him ramble on, give him a patronising thumbs up every now and again, and of course wet ourselves laughing as soon as he’s out of view. Oh Lee! What crrrrazy adventure will you have next? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a live TV interview! 🙂

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