Calling for nominations

Over the past week you, like us, have gotten to know Lee Stanek a little bit.  By now you have a decent idea of what he’s about.  He’s a speak your mind, consequences be damned; I’m right, you’re wrong, kind of guy.  If you’ve been following our posts you probably feel a little dirty, in need of a shower, maybe some brain bleach – or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you may feel the need to quickly obtain some sort of medieval torture device.

It is with great pleasure (mostly the sick and twisted kind) that we announce our desire to put Lee’s name forward as the first nominee for the Asshat Award.

Certainly you’ve seen the statue by now!  Born of the snarcastic genius that is the combined intellectual efforts of your faithful writers, Jumper Girl and Dressage Empress, and forged of the sure, steady (and mighty) pen of Jumper Girl.

*tear* isn’t it beautiful?

We’re asking for people to submit nominations and votes at this time – all of which are to be tallied and awarded on the evilest day of the year: Guy Fawkes Day.

Actually, my only knowledge of Guy Fawkes Day comes from the movie V for Vendetta so perhaps we should stick with the traditionally evil day:

All Hallowes Eve

If y’all would kindly email/comment/facebook/twitter us your votes for Mr. Stanek or your nomination of some other villainous individual who has wronged a horse (or, heaven forbid, horses) we will announce the winner on Monday the 31st and present them with their very own Asshat Award! (yup, that’s right, we’re going to email the winner and inform them of their victory – and will post any responses)



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  1. Ooooh, I hope you guys don’t have any way for the “winner” to track you down…

    Good luck, and all the power to ya! I eagerly await the results.

  2. Is there a collective asshat award? If there is, I’m voting for the Big Lick movement.
    There’s a lot of abusive crap going on in all kinds of riding competitions, but i think the big lick takes the cake: chemical soring, road foundering, pressure shoeing, using chains and driving nails or inserting screws into the hoof wall, stewarding…
    Jeez, I started reading about it to make sure I got all the lingo right and I found an even scarier article on the subject:

    I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight…

  3. Lee, hands down! His sheer idiocy and contradictions are enough to drive anybody crazy, and that translated into the horse world is just a bad idea. His criticisms of good practices are only vaguely representative of what he is actually doing to horses.

  4. Count me in for Lee! He deserves this award like no other! I would love to hear is response if he wins!!

  5. Hehe, sounds fun. I’m going to look around. There must be someone even MORE deserving…

    PS: Guy Fawkes day is fun. You get to burn effigies and stuff…

    • A holiday that encourages burning stuff? My inner-pyromaniac is in!

      Let us know what you find! Fodder for us to snark at! I’m sure we can come up with an opinion 😉 Or, if you’re so inclined, send us your snarky remarks and we’ll see about posting a guest post!


    I nominate that man in the article (he was convicted and then they auctioned the animals they didn’t euthanize off in the same community and sold them to his daughter) so I also nominate the Provincial Manitoba Animal Protection Act and it’s employee’s.

    and most definately Lee.

  7. I nominate Jason Meduna. FHOTD has a ton of articles on him if you’re not familiar with him already, the upshot is that he starved 200+ mustangs while pretending to be the sexiest horse whisperer around. Dozens of horses died (no-one has an exact count), and many of the dead ones had deep paddle marks in the ground around them – they died in agony. He did get caught, charged, and convicted, and has been cooling his heels in jail for a while.

    He’s up for parole soon. If you want to send a letter to the parole board letting them know what you think, there is contact information here: He also got a thirty year ban on owning horses, I’d highly encourage the courts to enforce that part of his sentence if nothing else.

  8. Oh yeah, also want to nominate that fat asshole that had 900+ QH horses on someone else’s property an left them there to starve. What was his name again? Must go browsing through FHOTD again…

  9. One more for the wall of shame. I think the video speaks for itself:

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