Love really is blind

This post originally started out with us making fun of the horse – well, not the horse but the people who bred him.  I know, shocking that we would poke fun at what we assumed to be caused by backyard breeders (Whoa there, Sworse, take it easy boy!).  However, we did some digging and this is actually a great story!

It starts with the love of a little girl for a somewhat unconventional looking foal.

Apparently young Diego (the colt) suffers from something called Wry Nose Syndrome.  The cause of this syndrome is unknown – whether it be genetic or the result of malpositioning in the uterus.  The concern with Wry Nose Syndrome is twofold: 1 – breathing issues, and 2- eating issues.  The extent of these issues depend on the severity of the condition.

It was reported in a few places online that Maddison and her family were trying to raise money to perform an operation to, how shall we say… normalize Diego’s face.  Unfortunately we were unable to locate any follow up articles on whether or not they were able to raise the money and, if so, how Diego is fairing.

The reason I (DE) in particular wanted to share this story is because this family was trying everything they could to help this foal.  They didn’t take the easy way out and put him down. I think that’s great because, if you read the article, Diego is a happy and healthy foal.  He’s not in pain, he’s not suffering.  These people are trying to give him the chance at a normal life.  It was refreshing to read after seeing all the online articles and other blogs posts about horse abuse and slaughter and just all the ugliness in the horse world (well, the world in general, but you know what I’m saying).

“‘He’s a fighter and I am willing to do everything and anything for him – whatever it takes to make sure he has a happy, normal life.

‘When he’s bombing around the field he’s so happy and there’s no way I could put him down – not unless he’s suffering, but not just because he looks different.’ “

After focusing on the negative recently, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who will fight for the horses 🙂

And just in case you were in danger of thinking I was a good person; nope.  Diego’s rocking llama-face in the first picture.  Llama-lips in particular.

  Yup, straight to hell. *rolls eyes at brain*

For more information on Wry Nose Syndrome, check out this article from The Horse.


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  1. Yup, I’m teary eyed. It’s nice to find a gem in all the mud sometimes. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing! It’s comforting to know that some people actually care about the horse and not what the horse can do for them!

  3. I did some research and they never asked for money, they were trying to find information on the condition and what options were available to them. The media blew it up and made it sound like they were trying to get money. From the other forums and such that I found, they did not accept any money that was offered to them and several people said that the colt was PTS.

  4. Wow, such an encouraging story! I hope that foal gets a chance at a normal life but even if they do have to put him down at some point, at least he will always be loved by that wonderful family.

  5. Bless his little heart. He’s so fugly, he’s cute. Kudos to the owners for trying, even if he was eventually PTS.

  6. Yup, dude looks like a llama. You can tell the little girl doesn’t care, though! I wouldn’t have either, at her age. 🙂

    It’s awesome that they’re doing what’s best for him – neither automatically euthing (though I wouldn’t blame anyone who did, with deformities that severe) nor making him into an angel horsie that they lurrrve too much to part with regardless of his quality of life. I hope his story ends well.

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