Not-so-random screen shots from around teh interwebz

This post is what happens when Jumper Girl is sleep deprived, has access to the internet and a graphics pad and is in charge of the day’s post.  She finds it very entertaining.  Hopefully, you will too!Apparently has a computer glitch.  Or maybe she’s a hermaphrodite?


It looks like this foal is being taken back to the mothership.

The first photo was obviously cleverly cropped to avoid suspicion.  Government coverups and whatnot.  It’s Roswell all over again!


There are a few stereotypes associated with those who follow Parelli.  The following screencap is from the Alexa Rankings site and presented without comment.  Except for this – hee hee hee!

Oh Parellisites…


Finally, in case anyone was curious as to how people stumble upon this site, here you go….

You guys are weird, but we always aim to please!Your wish is our command!  Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. Midget miniature rodeo cowboys! That one takes the cake! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  2. I want to know why searches for ‘most muscled man’ and ‘drags on ground’ are winding up here…. is there a part of this site that I don’t know about? 0_o

    Jumper Girl is good with a graphics pad. That horse is better conformed and a hell of a lot cuter than most of what ends up here!

    • That’s the private section… the midget miniature rodeo cowboys might be featured there too!

      And thanks! I’m still trying to figure out the fine points of the pad, but it’s kinda fun to play around with!


  3. hehehe

    Dangit, your site is dangerous!! I’ve been going through your archives (I’m a fugly reader) and I gotta say, I’ve been laughing so much it hurts!

    (might also be the broken ribs… naw. Def your site. Too damn funny!)

    Keep up the good work!

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