WDC: Even the pros do it!

I know some of our readers think we’re crazy in regards to our love of costumes.  And we probably are.  But we’re definitely not alone!

At the Washington International Horse Show they hold a costumed Gamblor’s Choice class, which is basically Jumper’s Girl’s idea of riding heaven.  The following video is from 2010 and shows Maclain Ward jumping clear in a chicken costume.  One word: EPIC!

Horse Junkies United has a post with a few pics from this year’s competition here.  Love that Nick Skelton dressed himself and his horse as a skeleton!


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  1. I love the chicken going over the jumps!!

    For a couple of years during undergrad, I worked for a hunter jumper barn (of the caliber that I worked there, not rode! haha) and every year one of the A rated shows did theme classes. Nothing like watching a bunch of A quality horses flying around with clown noses or riders with Mardi Gras masks. Best time of the year!

    • One of the big shows around here does a “ride and drive class”, where you have to jump your horse over a course, hop off and drive a Mini (the car!) through a course and to the finish line. One year a guy who was about 6’4″ had to drive after a girl who was about 5’2″. He couldn’t figure out how to adjust the seat – it was hilarious! It’s everybody’s favorite and noone takes themselves too seriously in that class!

  2. Well that was… different ^.^;

  3. I think that shows could bring up entries by bringing back or including some fun classes. Remembering why we love horses and that it’s okay to have fun and not take yourself seriously, could save you a lot of money in therapy bills.

    Thanks, Snarky!

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