Someone watched Star Wars too much

Not really wanting to make light of this tragic/odd/sociopathic event, but our go to coping mechanism is sarcasm.

You kind of have to wonder what’s wrong with a person that they think it’s ok to go rolling around in the dead carcass of the horse you just shot and killed.  Oh sorry, did we just spoil the ending for you?  Our bad.  Go on and read the articles.  The first one was sent to us and the other two Google dredged up for us.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.

from Straight From the Horse’s Heart

from The Huffington Post

from Koin Local 6

I (Dressage Empress) haven’t looked at any of the photos or videos that have been attached to the story.  Call me weak or cowardly but I don’t want those images floating around in my head.  I have enough crazy already, thank you very much.

In theory, we have no problem with humanely euthanizing an elderly horse in “declining health”.  We’re not ones to prolong a horse’s suffering just because we’re having a hard time letting go.  But what we do have a problem with, and believe us it’s a major problem,  (if we were discussing this in person, there would be an abundance of arm flailing, spittle flying and f-bombing) is the desecration and disrespect of the animal’s remains.  You want to use it for meat, you want to eat the heart of your dead horse so you can “feel one” with the animal, that’s your call and not the issue we’re here to address (side note: ick).  What concerns us the most is the gutting of the animal so a naked 21 year old woman can climb inside and slosh around.


I’m sorry but how fucked in the head do you have to be to want to crawl inside a dead animal.  Even in Star Wars they didn’t want to – it was a survival tactic.  AND THAT SHIT IS MADE-UP!  This girl is inside the dead horse, her boyfriend snapping photos like he’s Ansel-fucking Adams and they then proceed to post the pictures on the internet!


If it was really, truly, merely a matter of this girl wanting to be ‘one with her horse’ then why the need for the photo shoot?  If this act was committed with a ritualistic or spiritual motive – well we can’t think of any religions that require photographic evidence.  There are two main purposes of photographs: 1 – Nostalgia: wanting to capture a moment so one day you can look back upon it; or 2 – Vanity; you want to share the photo with the world, you want everyone to see.  What do you think motivated these two, seeing as they felt an overwhelming need to publish the photos on the internet?  This whole thing makes us wonder if this isn’t the work of a budding sociopath (or -paths).  Anyone with a psychology background care to weigh in?


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  1. It is genuinely horrifying that there are still things in this world that can leave someone as cynical and jaded as I am completely speechless.

    Sweet mother of God, what’s happened to this planet?

  2. Ok, still working up the courage to look at those pictures. The description alone is revolting me.

    Definitely the work of a couple of sociopaths and very like psycopaths as well. I wouldn’t be too surprised if their next victim was a human. Not that it would make that big a difference to me, I think that animals, especially companion animals, have just as much right to be protected from cruelty as humans.

  3. Did I just read that first article right?? Did Sue Wallis actually try to defend those psychos?!

    • How familiar are you with Sue Wallis? That’s just par for the course with her!

      • I’m familiar with a few posts Cathy made about her, so I the word heartless bitch occurs to me. Now I may add dumb to the list, because just when you think she couldn’t make people more disgusted with her, she goes and endorses a couple of socioptahs that take their kicks with playing with horse’s corpses and showing the world about it.

  4. Sick as it is, at least the horse didn’t suffer, right? Not that I’m condoning what they did, bitch be crazy.

    • How would you know if all the cuts were inflicted post-mortem? Just because the couple said they killed the horse before they did anything else, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    • Horse didn’t suffer and had health issues, so the euthanasia was probably justified. There was nothing illegal here, just really freaking disturbing! I’m not sure what was creepiest – the actions themselves, the fact that they took pics and posted them on the internet or the big gleeful grin on her face throughout it all.

      • I had a quick look at one the photos and had to get up and walk away from the pc screen, because I felt like I couldn’t breathe for a moment there. It’s good the horse didn’t suffer but what happened after its death is so sick and twisted i have no words for it!

  5. my god this is just sick, this made me queasy and i have a strong stumack. I hope that woman is banged up for a long time and rots in hell. These people are fucked up in the head, weather the horse was ailing or not it should have been given a proper send off not this sick display. No animal alive or dead deserves this, animals have feelings as we do. But some people seem to think that animals are inferiro to us because they are not like us. To me it is different, I personaly love animals and it disgusts me to see them disrespected like this. These two are most defonately phycologicaly fucked up, actualy I’d say there just fuked up compleatly it takes a rational mind to do this kind of thing, there not phycologicaly ill there just sick. very sick.

  6. … wrong on so many levels. Definitely work of a sociopolitical mind. Look how much she’s enjoying her self, just fucked up. I live in Oregon. Don’t dirty my state with your shit you sick twisted little girl.

    • Yeah, it’s the big fucking grin that really gets me. As she’s holding it’s heart? And then acting all shocked and surprised that people got offended – probably what she was really after in the first place!

  7. This is one of the sickest things I have seen. I did look at the pictures, and yes they are now burned into my brain:( I don’t even begin to understand the thought process here, and after seeing and reading the story, maybe I don’t want to know. Disgusted doesn’t even describe my emotions.

    • I think the thought process was “I want attention, what can I do to shock people?” Another reason to carefully check out who you sell your horse to – she had just purchased this horse. And who the hell sells their ailing 32yo anyways? More than one asshat here!

  8. And my former boss wonders why I walked out the door one winters day. People are -there’s too many descriptive nouns to choose from.
    I’m floored. How do you euthanize your horse, then gut it, strip off your clothes, climb inside and start posing like your the centerfold for a fucking playboy spread?! HOW?

    *mindboggles* *BOGGLES*

    I’m going out to hug my horses and set up a serious defense(sp) perimeter so no wackos can get near them.

    Christ on a tortilla.

  9. One word: Drugs.

  10. “If it was really, truly, merely a matter of this girl wanting to be ‘one with her horse’ then why the need for the photo shoot? ”

    Publicity. Maybe she’s auditioning for Fear Factor, America’s Next Top Model, and Intervention all in one go.

  11. I’m a psych undergrad, I don’t know exactly what might have motivated this kind of behaviour, but – keeping in mind that this is ALL I have to go on with these people, and I’m not an expert – I would hesitate to call them sociopaths (as a side note because of an earlier comment by someone – sociopathy and psychopathy are pretty much the same. People tend to use “psychopathy” to describe the more violent manifestation, but they have the same root causes and indicators. Within psychology, they are generally considered to be the same disorder even though some are violent and some are not). Psychopathy is characterized by a lack of empathy and guilt, glib and superficial charm, a good ability to manipulate people (and a willingness to do so) without regard for consequences, and a few other things. Of course, there is nothing here to rule out psychopathy, but there’s also nothing here to say for sure that they are, especially since – if they are to be believed – the horse was put down humanely, and for justifiable reasons. Now that may simply be coincidence, and they may be lying about the motive for putting the horse down, but a psychopath would in all likelihood not care about these things. There just isn’t enough evidence one way or the other, and everything that’s been hammered into me for the last 3 years says to err on the side of caution and not give a label if there’s any doubt of a person’s mental status, especially when I’m not an expert on the subject. I would certainly say that this seems to be attention-seeking behaviour (and possibly narcissism) taken to an extreme, and the smile might be an indicator of a lack of empathy and guilt (note that that isn’t enough to consider someone to be psychopathic, even though it is an indicator), but again, more information is needed to say for sure.

    /psychology lecture

    • Yeah. I’m a little hesitant to fling around terms like ‘sociopath’, ‘schizophrenia’, ‘psychotic’, and some of the other biggies – this is more out of respect for people who actually suffer from or suffer at the hands of people with these disorders than anything else. While this is incredibly disturbing, it’s certainly not enough to diagnose anyone.

      I don’t have any problem with calling that girl batshit crazy, though. Because she’s totally batshit crazy.

    • They bought the horse just so they could do this to it. Does that change your diagnosis?

      • JG – did you read something I didn’t? Has anyone read how long she had the horse prior to umm this ummmm…. “event”?

      • Mmm, it gives stronger evidence towards psychopathy if true (as JG asked, is there somewhere that says they bought the horse specifically to do this?), but still not enough. Like I said, psychopathy is more than just a lack of guilt and empathy, there’s a whole list of other indicators that need to be present. Without knowing something about the emotional state and internal decision process that led to this, and/or seeing something like an actual video interview with them, and knowing more about their lives in general, I don’t think anybody could say for sure one way or the other. Buying the horse specifically to do this, with the information we have, still fits better with extreme attention seeking behaviour and narcissism (and possibly one of the related disorders). Again, there’s nothing that rules it out, but there isn’t enough information here to give a definite – or even reasonably confident – yes.

      • Good gawd she actually was inspired by Star Wars?! I just made that shit up!!!! ugh I think I just threw up in my mouth a little

      • “I wanted to be like Luke Skywalker” what.the.holly.fuck!

        jesus on a pogo stick!!!

  12. So if lack of guilty or empathy, extreme narcissism, attention seeking is not a form of psychopathy, what is it then? And how about the sheer glee of being inside an animal’s carcass? It’s one thing to lack any feelings of fear or revulsion towards the sight of a dead animal, but the smile on that woman’s face actually made me think of necrophilia. IDK, I just wanted to understand what kind of disease would trigger someone’s mind to do such a thing.

    • All of those things can be indicators of psychopathy (although attention seeking as an overt behaviour isn’t all that common as far as I know, or the diagnosis of psychopathy would be much easier than it is. They are quite good at appearing more or less “normal” so it’s hard to pick out), but we (myself included) are just assuming those things based on a few photos and a couple of quotes. We don’t know for sure that she does not feel guilt or empathy – she may be scarily good at acting, or she may have some sort of overly-strong coping mechanism that caused her to justify what she’s done and ignore those feelings (believe me, I’ve read about people doing some absolutely crazy shit to cope with feelings of guilt).

      Also, generally it’s not the inflicting of pain itself that psychopaths get pleasure from (although some might), it’s being dominant or having power over their victim that is the motivation behind cruel or manipulative behaviour. I’m just making an inference here, but my guess would be that humanely killing and then rolling around inside a dead horse, while seriously messed up and disgusting, isn’t about dominance, especially with her claims of wanting to be “one with the horse.” Now, if there was evidence that she had tortured the horse before killing it, and/or “curiosity” was her only reason for doing it, then I would be more willing to lean towards psychopathy as an explanation. But, I should point out that even though I’m hesitant to label her as a psychopath with the information I’ve seen, I would not be surprised if more research showed that she was. Unfortunately, I don’t have my go-to textbook for disorders in my dorm at the moment, or I might be able to come up with some other possibilities.

      • You do raise some interesting points. Psychopaths usually try to blend in, not stand out. Even though serial killers get off on being the center of attention, they’re usually too smart to leave anything to tie them to their crimes. This particular couple seemed genuinely surprise at the reaction they photo shoot caused. But, then again, they could be very good actors and know from the get go that they could get away with it, because there are no laws against crawling inside an animal’s carcass naked and taking photos. Either way, it sure raises some very interesting questions, once you get past the “i-really-wish-i-didn’t-have-to-see-that” phase.

  13. maybe she was thinking of game of thrones not star wars and thinks shes dothraki thus the “eating” of the horses heart!
    but anyway wtf and ewwwwwww! im was so shock I couldnt stop telling people about these sickos!

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